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See what some people don’t understand is that Sweeney (incumbent) is hated by the teachers union here in NJ. The NJEA spent millions 4 yrs. ago trying to defeat Sweeney because he worked with Chris Christie to eliminate or reduce some of the teachers benefits. I would not be surprised to find out that the NJEA had something to do with Durr being able to defeat Sweeney, that’s how much they hate him.

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I agree 100%. You don’t load the syringe with extra medication etc. and then try inject the correct dose into the patient. The correct dose should be in the syringe when administered.

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Did I miss an article where it says how they caught these guys??? Did they just surrender? Was there a battle? I mean you have the balls to assassinate a president and then just lay down. Something just seems off about the whole damn thing.

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See I gotta put some of the blame on your employer, because this shit should be hashed out before you even step foot on the customers property. Your employer should ask the customer what they expect of you in regards to the vax, masks etc. Your boss could then send someone with whom the customer would comfortable with.

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I work at one of these universities and I received an email on Friday that they are going to force me to get the vaccine if I want to stay employed there.

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I live in the township next to this one.....hopewell borders Princeton so you can imagine the type of liberal that lives there. These are these are the elitist types that make me sick to my muthafuckin stomach.....the worst. Hopewell probably has a A black population of under 1 % just to give you a better idea.

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I know I’m late but you can test positive for up to three months after. That’s not the norm but possible. I’m at home right now and my wife has COVID....I’m showing symptoms too and was gone ride it out, but my place of work is going with once a week mandatory testing. So if I don’t get a test saying that I’m positive now, but go back to work and test positive even though I’m over it, they will send me home. So I’m getting the test so I can show them I had it and I can opt out of testing for 90 days.

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Get cucker off my beloved website

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Would I like to be surprised and be able to say the madman actually did it......well yes I would. I’m also a realist which is what makes me conservative libs tend to be ultra idealist. We need to start preparing for midterms and 2024 and calling out this mew regimes bullshit at every turn, because we’re really all we have left. I will not wilt or waver, I will press on with the ideals that Trump has pushed throughout his presidency. These are beliefs I had before Trump and I will still have for the rest of my life.

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This is just the libs playing the victim as they always do. They’re like the loud mouth bully who backs down when you get in their face. Then they proceed to tell you to chill like they weren’t just threatening to fuck you up.

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Damn u guys are giving me flashbacks.....goodthing my kids are a little older because i couldnt take much more of caillou that kid was such a little bitch.

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100%. I’m so worn out by these types of tweets. Put up or stfu!

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Man this side by side just shows you the different vibe we have over the scared commies. The contrast is striking.

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Wish I could upvote this a million times. I don’t really attend any political events, but I feel compelled to show my support when Trump gets his second term. The left is going to be besides themselves and even more violent this time. I think Trump supporters need to show up in huge numbers to btfo the commies. ETA: and the Rinos.

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Yeah everything is flipped just like the video of the girl who was screaming in her car when RBG took the dirt nap.

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People.....THIS IS A DEPOSITION FROM 2016!!!! From before they even thought Trump would win.

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Oh yeah somebody is gonna talk when threatened with attempted murder of a police officer.

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What a fucking dipshit. I just can’t anymore.....wtf did he think was going to happen. I feel like I’m screaming at a wall these days.

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I live in jersey and haven’t been able to get chicken for over a month. These crazy fucks here are hoarding it for some reason.

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