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A roasted broccolini with a uh....well you know some sort of a raspberry reduction. I dont know im not french.

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"Its an organization composed of the five most powerful families in the world known as....The Pentavirite! And they meet tri annually at a place known as...the meadows."

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Lol. Literally everything is made up at this point.

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I mean, I know its fun to poke at the French and they ARE insufferable pricks...but the French in WW1 were nothing short of heroic, in WW2 the fact that they held at Dunkirk long enough for the British to get away, and the work of the Maquis and underground elements which involved many civilians. Its not really as bad as most people like to think.

And historically they have the best overall land war record. Games played, wins overall and winning percentage.

Where France did fail in both WW1 and ww2, which should very much serve as a cautionary tale for us, is the bloated, political ranks in their military making horrible decision from their chateaus with more worry for theur own skins, their cost/benefits, PR and simultaneously suckling up to the enemy for whatever scraps they could get while saving their own skins and position themselves for power in whatever post-occupation or liberated France might look like. Many Milleys, Petraeus typea etc on that general staff.

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Keep going! She's breaking. One more solid meme and we might see Alister Milano before the year is out.

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Did he check with the ADL before he posted this? Or did it fall withing their "freedom of speech/not reach" criteria?

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And dont forget that he's basically an adopted Getty, he was besties with one of the demon spawn and then they nasically bankrolled his initial business ventures and his political campaigns.

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Lol, gotta love when people out detail their preparation haha.

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Yes dummy. Let me draw you a picture.

Cars = bad Electricity = bad


Cars+Electricity = good

How hard is that to understand?

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I mean, isnt there a real risk, with all that extra crypto ore piled up, Staten Island might in fact, capsize?

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Phlster Enigma.

You print almost nothing in joggerball shorts with that setup.

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"assault weapons"

I know its small fries, but we need to not perpetuate their language.

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"You can buy these GHOST cars in a box at Target. Yeah. Right in the kids' section. And they come with color coded blocks, axles, wheels, its all there. And they have really colorful, step by step instructions and you can build them, depending on how autistic you are in some cases under five minutes. And you dont have to register them, they dont take gas, they dont have GPS so we cant track...i mean, the police cant find you if you gp off the road or something. Scary scary stuff."

  • Democrat politician (probably)
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But I will say that, Im well past "noticing" and now reside in "Im shocked when I find out it was NOT one this time" territory.

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Probably sounds like a wounded mule that the wagon flipped over on...during coitus or whatever it is she does.

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The irony of the last name is just so damn funny to me.

Both judicially and wikipedially.

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