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"Died suddenly, and unexpectedly but it could have been so much more suddenly and expectedly if he hadn't been vaxxed."

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had failed and we thought we were safe, but no...

Naw...because this is what they always do. Almost every single one of these major legislations they propose is a shit sandwich wrapped in a turducken that usually goes something like the following:


10m for puppies breakdown:

1 million direct aid to puppies

3 million to "outreach" about puppies (this is basically ALL direct to corrupt pockets)

3 million for surveillance (because we need to watch EVERYOBE to make sure they aren't hurting puppies)

This is the real goal of the bill

2 million to puppies in Israel

This is the secondary objective of teh bill

1 million for trabsgender grooming startups in Pakistan

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Sashaes whichever way the wind blows.

The Lady Lindsey, a delicate flower as their ever has been.

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I have pictures of a couple of these in downtown LA that were literally being used as a partition in a homeless camp. Surrounded by piles of clothing and whatever, tarps tied to them, mattresses.

In my mind who on the fuck would even walk up to one of them to drop off a ballot...but most certainly no way to monitor them to make sure they weren't being tampered with.

Only one I can find at the moment, the other one is worse

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Ah, a man of culture I see. Got that out front and the continental in the backyard.

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Except that its part of a plan and its being done on purpose.

What's insane is that people keep going along with it.

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"I mean....howa youah gonna fire Doctore Giopetto eh!? I mean come on, fogetaboutit. Capice?"

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Naw, all these fuckers just threw the match on the gas in their respective roles.

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Same. I was raised not to get in the van with strangers ESPECIALLY when they offer me candy.

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Libtard dog whistle.

Its similar to the neocons using "9/11/terrorist" to stiffle any dissent/argument.

"Why are you invading Malta? They don't have any military really."

"Are you a terrorist!? You must be! If you're not with us you're against us! 9/11!!!"

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Yep didn't poll well enough haha....its pathetic. Not that they do it, but that it apparently works on enough people.

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I, for one, welcome our new Deltracron overlords.

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Hurr...."right wing RaCiStS and muH JAnuArY 6th"

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Lol, last night they were talking about Sidney Potier dying and read a quote from Oprah being devastated and "he was my dear friend". I went yep he was a sicko for sure.

Plus he lived in the Bahamas next to Peter Nygard, another sicko and friend of Oprah.

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