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A guy is fooled into a parking lot, and shot by immigrants. Victim manages to flee to a car that speeds towards a hospital to save his life. The immigrants manages to derail the car and execute him. witness saw what happened and IDs the suspects in a hearing. Asks that name is withheld in fear of safety. 6 weeks later, the witness calls the police frantically. The gang of immigrants found out he snitched them out and break into his apartment. witnesses wife is home alone while the witness is out with the dog The woman is brutally murdered in her own apartment. Witness comes home and sees what happened and runs to neighbor to call the police. criminals break into that apartment as well. witness runs into the streets and gets overrun by the criminals. The police arrives, and as they arrive the immigrants are sitting on his chest and stabs him to death.

Munir Nooraldin - 10 years in prison Fouad Saleh - Life in prison Mikael Chamoun - 14 years Amir Jabbari - 12 years

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Based girl.... guy defending them from 7 rays of Noahide laws

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This is the way

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Aye. My bad

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But why do you love pedo joe?

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Why do you love pedo Joe?

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