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He only won because Sherman went total war and started burning and pillaging every single house and business.

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Most federal agency's do not talk to one another. Does the USCIS have access to DHS terror watch list database? Probably not and even if they did they might not have the ability to deny based of said watch list if congress hasn't authorized them to do so.

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Obama tried to remove them all from existence with the "Cash for clunkers" program. So many wonderful cars to be scrapped.

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Why archive link to Epoch Times??? If you don't currently support them please do. Very good newspaper and reported on the election and the steal accurately.

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I'd rather have the money for for equipment and reserve bases than waste on personal with no war.

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She should sue NCAA for violating title 9

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I love how we are in the middle of a food crisis and they find money for their own cabinet staff but not for the Department of Agriculture.

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He's going to kill himself, he said so in the courthouse.

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Biden is trying to pin another one of his crimes on another person.

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If you thought $120 was high wait until the price hits $300 a barrel

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If you thought food prices were high last year, just wait for this year. We're still in a massive drought with low snow packs in the west, no hay reserves, rising fuel prices, parts shortage, and a massive labor shortage. Start filling up the freezer and cabinets now!

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