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Look only one company can control the future of the cybernetic hive mind. Nobody but DARPA funded Elon is allowed to provide competing services.

Only ELON is trusted with the neural network human consciousness!

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They claim to be preventing humans from "killing themselves"

But they're rapidly sending humanity into the apocalypse.

It's a death cult that won't be happy until everyone is dead


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drugged out of his fucking globalist mind

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They don't have anything going for them so they're going to push Russia until Russia strikes a big western target..

Rule by chaos and creating crisis that's what these good for nothing commiecrats do

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My first thought , all the pilots maimed by a the death cult, sad.

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Oh look our forefathers were smarter than any one of these blue haired environmental terrorist trying to drag us back into the stone ages..

I wouldn't trust anyone with rewriting the constitution, the other day Tim Pool and his band of misfits acted like they could write a new one and it be better.

The framers were gifted from God and carrying out God's mission to make this nation.

Just when you think the communists are winning fail safes start happening like clock work..

God Bless America and God Bless Clarence Thomas

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Colorado is 110% phony and it's likely the candidates all posing as MAGA are just deep state plants given a gig and a role to play.

Colorado is the most corrupt state even more than PA

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LOL, and?

Lucky that's all he did. Should of used the insurrection act on these communist fucks

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The commies in liberal areas are cancelling 4th of July events since COVID..

Incase the close minded conservatives didn't get the message, America has been cancelled.. Indefinitely..

They don't want to think about what's necessary to open it back up again. Apparently voting for RINOS that strip you gun rights is the way forward.

Time is limited. Carry on.

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Because all the world leaders are like the Jonestown cult leaders trying to gain clout about their willingness to cull the population to save the Earth

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When faggots let Ukrainian simps care what they think about them on twatter !

AKA: meric_jar_mellon

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Here's the problem I see 2 tiers of justice meant to scatter people's brains even more..

The house of cards is falling and if people can't see the chaos unfolding around them them they aren't paying attention.

There isn't a line in the sand anymore it's a jagged line becoming the wild west again.

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I like children they got roaches on my lags and they're hairy and make the hair on the back on my neck stand up. there's oranges in the forest and then we take a milk bath before we put the poodle down for nap time.

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They wouldn't forum slide if you weren't having any effect!

praise the lord and pass the ammunition

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So now we know the full story they took our boy away from the event without his consent. That's kidnapping.


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Their greedy lust for power has never been more evident when they stole the election from the people's president the obvious winner.

They had to release the CHYNA virus and use authoritarianism as a winning marketing strategy by selling fear..

So many of them masked up little cowards still running around letting fear run their lives.

The entire world has fallen into chaos because they cheated with a death by a thousand cuts fraud strategy and the whole world knows its true!

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She will get 10 and released in 2 with 24 months probation

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They hate God they don't hate Kids directly, Godless people don't value human life period..

To them a human that hasn't lived past the birth canal isn't really a person.

The exact definition of soulless

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