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There are now 2 sides... You're either with liberty or you're with death

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uhh guys , they can't contain it anymore

The whole lid is coming off

It's seriously time to prepare. I've been telling people I know and Love...

It's going to get BAD this isn't dooming, this is survival... Canaries in the coal mine

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**They aren't intelligent enough to figure out there's a bunch of eco-authoritarian psychotic type of elitist people that all think it's ethical to exterminate a majority of the population..

You know, for the Earth.... That's ending in 12 years according to the richest most powerful people on the planet..**

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The only way to make money and buy food will be to work for the goon force

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This is next level. If Americans do not fight for their freedom. It's lost forever.

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These people think Trump's cabinet was a perpetual cycle of lies they say he and his entourage lied over 10,000 times. It's evens statistics they would use to win an argument. You can't be dumb enough to think she is truthful. It's too obvious.

These fucks aren't even barely in 6 months and there's already more than 10,000 lies..

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I also got movement of several APC and fighting vehicles heading east through through the Midwest

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Makes total sense because there's no way certain areas are developing this fast out of pure need.. Something else is driving it I knew this was the case and now I know for sure

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Listen people these kinds of posts are pure propaganda

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