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This is highly impressive! 👏 👏 👏

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I get it, projection is a defense mechanism. It’s okay, I understand. Your life must have been pretty rough. I do hope it gets better. It can’t hurt to seek profession help. Life does get better. Trolling on the internet will never fill the void, though. But finding an actual purpose in your life will

I wish you the best

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Lol you’re really trying hard, but no dice. Probably like the rest of your life? It’s usually really pathetic people that want to kill themselves, that tell other people to kill themselves

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Is that your new favorite word? It’s okay, you’re allowed to say it here. I know you probably repress the urge every day of your depressing leftist life

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Thanks for that hot take, handshake

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Don’t forget the FBI bulletin that was leaked recently to PV. Pretty much anything patriotic is considered a terror 🚩 to them now. They are up to something

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His reaction time when his glasses slid of his nose was pretty bad too

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They’re getting out of a helicopter..

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Well, it’s probably an old motel 6 window drape, so it likely has some heft to it

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Most people I’ve met in my life with the name “Evan” were pretty faggy

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Taking a stance form an all or nothing perspective, in this regard, is pretty retarded

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That’s my guess as well lol. And you can tell Trump was trying not to laugh. Bolton looking like he wasn’t sure if he farted or shit himself

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The current mayor of my city is also a real estate whore. The corruption is everywhere

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It’s a total show trial to generate headlines and to defame and try to ruin Alex. Did you see the huge tv/movie camera in the courthouse pointing right at the jury?

It’s a joke

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I guess we really didn’t need that whole 911 commission to determine the “cause” of the collapses

That guy was so coked out of his mind he saw the future!


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This has to be the best explanation 😂👍

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