by Bullgod
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Regulated meaning armed

A well armed militia.

AKA NOT shitty muskets. Whatever the best is.

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Did they mention what strain he smoked on the show?

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That card holder is a moron

I'm not required to go to jail if I punch you.

I agree, considering I react to being attacked fast without thinking much, and corpses tend not to go to prison.

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Kinda funny that two of the most based actors I've seen over this thing both have connections to Hercules.

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I know plenty of dudes who have their hair long. I'm fairly certain every single one of them believe themselves to be 100% male. One of them wears a kilt on occasion, but no dresses.

Can confirm, being a woman requires something else.

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I didn't take the "vaccine" and I continued to do all those things. Killing is a last resort. If it's forced on me, I will resort to it, but as there were still other options, I chose those.

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If she's taking what I think she is, relapsing could potentially kill her.

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Knowing someone that says coooooooooooooooovid doesn't count.

Knowing two people who make the same shitty joke means you need to reevaluate who you hang out with.

But otherwise, no, long covid isn't a thing. It's munchausen or vax injuries.

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Today I learned respiratory viruses line up single file for access to humanity, and can book the time in blocks. There's no chance there were two different ones are out at the same time.

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There is prescription beer to handle situations like this. No joke.

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"bogo" is

one (free)

by k-doe1
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What are those percents supposed to be?

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Are they using gofundme or givesendgo?

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It was an illegal immigrant, so not a false flag, but will be completely buried by tomorrow.

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He's a pedophile because when there was a California law that had a loophole that allowed pedophilic relations with one sex but not the other, rather than close the loophole, he introduced legislation to allow for both.

He's a pedophile piece of shit.

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is sourced from

is sourced from

which says

Just got a tip that there are some BIG developments in the Election Corruption Investigation in Yuma County, Arizona. Possibly including Law Enforcement raids on non-profits potentially involved in ballot trafficking.

Note the following two bits

Just got a tip

Translation: no proof

Possibly including Law Enforcement raids

Translation: no claim

Then back to the TGP article

There has been no official law enforcement press release at the time of this publication.

Conclusion: bullshit, I'll believe it when I see it

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And does that source back to anyone OTHER than that one guy's tweet/truth/gettr/gab? Everything I've seen so far traces back to that one guy who ALSO offered no proof.

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