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The choice of music to soundtrack this clip is just 👌. It's like that scene in L4YER CAKƐ where they play Ordinary World by Duran Duran while dude's getting his ass beat and hot coffee poured on his face lol

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Or “undocumented” money. The money isn’t illegal and isn’t an alien. It’s just undocumented!

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Depending on where you live, you might have to dial +1 before you call on someone to be arrested or else it doesn’t work

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He looks like he pisses in jars and keeps them in his closet.

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Mouth look like that game at Chuck E Cheese where you shoot balls at the clown's grill

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This is what I love about this place. I see this post. I go to comment a reasonably immature and hopefully offensive nickname I immediately thought of for these NWO nuggets. See another pede already has top comment with this nickname. I smile. 🙂

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Bro stop digitally trafficking her!! SHE'S A SURVIVOR!! 😂

I'm still surprised how little the situation with that old frozen-faced bullshit con artist hoe getting people banned from Twitter was mentioned on PDW. I swear Eliza has to have some ties to the glowies or some shit.

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Here's the original story from last year for anyone interested. The dude running away had just crashed a car while on a suspended license, had $8k worth of weed inside and a loaded handgun with extended mag and auto-fire switch. Oh, also he was charged with 2 murders back in 2017.....


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u/CTspubichair This is it. This is the shirt I was talking about! Lmao

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lmao after that you should tackle those Amazon stores that sell those retarded shirts that say "there are more than 2 genders" but only have male and female size options 😂

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TIMMY?! Did that mom just misgender her DAUGHTER? What a complete bigot….

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He said they actually scheduled to have Candace on the show that night about 2 months ago so that part was by accident. I think he scheduled Crowder for Monday bc of the recent situation.

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I'm gonna support your decision and say thanks for posting! They have some cool shit.

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