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Who said anything about them? They just fill more than half of Biden's cabinet is all. Nothing wrong with that. Also them controlling most msm outlets is fine as well. I love Israel.

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They are the ones you cannot speak of. Or be called some kind of -ism or -ist.

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She shouldn't be wearing that tight dress she was asking to be raped. That's what you sound like.

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I've been seeing a few commercials for TD. Trying to normalize it?

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Sounds like a non English speaking person

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Thats why they adopt. So they can torture these poor children without doing it to their own

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He's taking the pill. This vaccine push has made tons of people see what's really going on

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I'm sorry my wording was misleading. I just meant he's not with vice anymore.

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Anyone supporting Haley is a fucking joke out of touch with reality. Definitely don't want them anywhere near our government

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