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Sydney really is like the anti-Rapinoe in thats shes not an abrasive blowhard and loud mouth who is at the end of the day a mediocre athlete who loses in her field almost immediately. Not to mention the fact that shes gorgeous while Rapinoe look like a mean old librarian.

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All the woke athletes got scrubbed out almost immediately which is pretty great.

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You love to see it.

Remember, all that matters is obtaining positions of institutional power and then using that power to help friends and punish enemies.

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Upvoted for actual quality content. Wish this site would have more of stuff like this, or at least promote it, in contrast to the same retarded jokes and screengrabs over and over again about how democrat #13752 is a hypocrite.

Also check out https://antifawatch.net/

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Viktor Orban is preventing his country from becoming shithole overrun by the third world, stopping violent crime from flooding the streets, and protecting the average Hungarian by ensuring the future of families by giving them beneficial tax relief for having families while also promoting Hungarian culture and rejecting globalist propaganda, of course they are turning him into a boogeyman and trying to orchestrate color revolutions against him with international Hungarian citizens.

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Are New Englanders finallys starting to wake up to whats going on and will they stop just blindly following the Democrat Party?

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"Almost any white person whos not a college indoctrinated cuck has red pilled views here."

Not nearly enough apparently. Its a solid blue enclave and its going to be too late if in 30 years maybe like New Hampshire flips red in an election or something.

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some random dude talks tough some woman screams bloody murder when the slightest of confrontations happens

EVERY fucking time with these leftist protest. Some guy will get slightly pushed out of the way and you will hear some woman wailing like a maniac.

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Obrador is based. Hes an anti-globalist populist who worked with Trump to secure the Mexican-American border and even called out Biden for ruining all that they accomplished and making the situation worse.

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Yes and youre really stupid if that was a legit question. I dont think you guys understand just how gay and cringy calling basic bitch democrats "communist" actually is. It doesnt sound cool or like a serious threat, it just makes you and by extension all of us look like silly out of touch boomers.

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John Bel Edwards is not a marxist and this sort of hyperbolic talk does nothing but make us look retarded while also defanging the horrors of communism. Ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf?

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yeah thats why I specifically mentioned that I was going to stay away from Austin for being a liberal shithole, because Im a liberal. dummy

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Revolver is a great publication, everyone should favorite them

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This is what "technocrats" want, you to just do what they say because they are the "experts"

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NeoCons were literally Anti-Stalin communist who rebranded themselves as the "new" conservatives compared to the actual conservative republicans in America in the 1940s. Bill Krystals dad, Irving Krystal, was the brains behind the whole neoconservative movement. The guy was very active in pro Trotsky movements in college, joined the Army in WW2, and then went onto write for various anti-Stalinist lefty publications like 'Encounter Magazine'

Irving was also really into 'Congress for Cultural Freedom' which was a OSS (CIA) funded think tank group that was anti-USSR, but from a lefty perspective. If you read surface level things on this group, they will make it sound like this far right thing, but it was ALL lefties.

This is a history no one really understand. I even see a lot of otherwise intelligent right wingers repeat this stupid Noam Chomsky/Howard Zinn take on history about how the neocons/neoliberals are ruining everything by supporting far right fascist over plucky soft lefty reformers and 'Social Democrats' in the third world, but you are all fed and repeat LIES


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There is no such thing as the government being incapable of handling the border crises, its that they want it to happen and America to become flooded into being just an economic zone for a globalist world order.

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At the end of the day, he wasnt attacking anybody, but destroying a statue. If it fell on his car or something like that, I would laugh at the instant karma, but being reduced to a vegetable is pure horror and I dont want to celebrate or laugh at that. I know the other side wouldnt extend the same sympathy to someone on our side if it was the other way around.

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Good, glad parents are actually waking up and getting up to become active citizens in their community instead of lazy tv watchers. Every parent needs to be involved in school boards, anyone that isnt is either lazy or stupid.

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inb4 I get downvoted, but this is really sad

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