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Any pedes out there can give us a sitrep on the state? Is the whole thing a lefty shithole, or is it just Seattle and a few other surrounding suburbs while the eastern part of the state is more red?

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lol really. They always bitch about how doing stuff like this will never work, as if just complaining on the internet will change anything.

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A long time ago, Patrice O'Neal went on this big rant about Hollywood and how it really works and how much he respects Mel Gibson for becoming so powerful that he was able to buck that system and survive. Its like hours long and was on an episode of Opie and Anthony and I encourage everyone to check it out if they can. It might seem self evident now, but back then it was a real redpill moment.

He also talks about how everyone in Hollywood does fucked up shit, and all this shit about the mean things Gibson did are just excuses to cancel him, but he was too powerful to be cancelled, and this was before the whole woke revolution thing and even before the SJW stuff.

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This story was memory holed anyway because the narrative that he was just a jogger who was gunned down by racist was debunked almost immediately and because the George Floyd case overshadowed it.

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Dont know why more institutions do this and just outright refuse to comply with or carry out orders like this. Leftist and democrats do it all the time.

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One of the most important but overlooked things Trump did was appoint a record number of federal judges.

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Inejiro Asanuma was a big deal too. There was no communist party in Japan, but he was the head of the Socialist Party, which he had turned into a big tent leftist party that included everyone from liberals to socialist democrats, to far left communist and even some right wing workers. Asanuma held them all together while he himself was a Maoist, and he was really good at it. In fact, we went to China in 1959 and came back from the trip dressed as Mao. He wanted to orient Japan as an ally of China in the Cold War and base his ideal Japan off of Maos China.

After his assassination, The socialist party collapsed. Moderates within the party took over, which caused all the other factions to fight and eventually splinter. The Socialist Party lingered on as an irrelevant novelty until the 90s when it finally ended.

This really is one of those "what if someone killed Hitler" moments in history.

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Hes from some rich midwestern family that owns a chain of grocery stores. Classic case of a giga kulak thinking hes better than the people who surrounds him while hes still regarded as some backwoods yokel by the actual elites.

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howdaya do fellow MAGA?

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this is a site of a list of unmasked antifa around the country. You can search by state.

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Exactly, I find a major problem with our side is that they get way too LARPy when it comes to talk about revolution and whatnot, but the reality is that any and all revolutions throughout history only ever happen when one part of the elites fights the other parts. And in modern history, a lot of the times it has been military officers forming a secret alliance to do this. It happened in Chile with Pinochet, Egypt with Nasser, and in Libya with Gaddafi.

This is why I think its a really good idea for patriotic posters who were thinking about going into the military, but decided not to bc of recent events, to go into it even harder.

This video is a little off topic, but its very relevant to this point https://youtu.be/pGmGR68C_G4

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Reminder for younger college kids here to NEVER EVER back down from bullies like this on a campus. Shout out to the kid in the back who wasnt involved at all, but stood up for them.

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Dont care, Ben is not a friend. Hes the exact sort of establishment type the entire MAGA movement is again. People on our side are so quick to fall for virtue signaling shit like this rather than actual real changes.

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China is a communist country despite all claims otherwise, who westerners thought would liberalize once they adopted freer liberal market reforms. Soros is an arch post war, Karl Popper liberal, in other words a completely open world where the nation state becomes irrelevant. This is in direct contrast to Chinas solid Marxist roots. China looks out for their own self interest while the standard axiom now seems to be one where nation-states always make whatever sacrifice the global community demands on the alter of tolerance, openess, and whatever else.

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Politics is the art of compromise. The side that goes through autistic purity spirals will always loose against any sort of coalition group.

Look at the Spanish Civil War which was essentially a large group of leftist (The Republicans) vs a large group of rightist (The Nationalist). The Republicans cucked out hard to the Soviets for military support and sub sequentially went on a political purge of all the liberals and anarchist and other leftist in their ranks in the middle of a fucking war while the coalition of Monarchist, Falangist, and the Military order of the Nationalist held strong despite their political differences.

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Heres a novel thought, but maybe going everywhere and screaming that voting doesnt matter because its all rigged right before a big election will have a negative effect and dissuade people from voting.

So sick of these retards on our side who do nothing but try to knee cap any efforts we make while also posting half assed fed bait shit.

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"I want decent leadership."

Take back your state.

"Because we do not beg for freedom, we fight for it" - Gen. Witold Urbanowicz

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