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Easy to be stone-faced when you do not own a heart.

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That's my president. No not really I am American but I wish he was. More based than 90% of our shitty government.

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Guess what asshole Joe? I have not went to the VA since all this shit started so makes no difference to me. I hope you die though. My dad will never get vaxxed and he needs the VA services. This will spark a violent revolt if patriotic fathers start dying.

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How was it a disastrous announcement? 100 million patriots just creamed their pants!

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My wife's uncle in his 60's got the vaxx a couple months ago. He died 2 weeks ago from a 'rare" leukemia.

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How to make our blood boil in 20 seconds or less. FFS our government is so useless. Why haven't we removed these pantshitters yet?

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They tried that shit with my son. He has been in the Navy ten years and he is out in 2 weeks. They tried to have him vaxxed but eventually someone in his chain of command said fuck it he is out in 2 weeks.

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100% they are not! My town is full of non-American pink hairs. They all suck.

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I just called and got a person! Her voice lit up when I told them I support them standing up to the commies. Very well received.

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I said this to my wife last night! Crowds of people gathered in one spot. Oh no what will the rich ever do???. Millions need to march into wherever these nazis are hiding and drag their asses out and tell them they are fired. And by fired I mean dead.

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I still do not know anyone who was hospitalized with Covid, let alone die. Two weeks ago my wife's uncle died from a "rare" blood cancer. He was vaxxed a couple months ago. All his kids are vaxxed and we can't tell them it was really the vaxx.

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When you lay in bed at night and wonder if you did the right thing....YES! You are not alone. Lots of others doing this. Your integrity is intact. And that will see you through!

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First of all, they did not vote jack dookie. Dominion did all the hard work to put the commies in power. That post has got to be the most retarded group of words placed into a paragraph that I have ever seen.

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