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Who was a hero in Afghanistan?

How was anyone in Afghanistan threat to the United states?

Saudia arabia attacks us on 9/11 and Bush and Cheney invade other countries so their Haliburton friends can make millions of dollars.

How is fighting a war for corrupt politicians, not for America, but so the corrupt can make money, how does that make you a hero?

How is it that going overseas and harassing goat rapers constitutes heroism to you?

Every Afghanistan veteran took an oath to the constitution. Instead of fighting against the enemy hurting the American people, they do the bidding of the corrupt politicians instead.

They have broken their oath. They have violated the constitution. They aren't heroes. They are fucki g traitors who betrayed this country and serve globalists and corporations. They are the scummiest people in our country. They are traitors and everyone deserves to die. That's the punishment for betraying pur country and constitution. Shall not be infringed is clear. They are not doing anything. The 9th ammendment makes most of our current laws unconstitutional yet they still do nothing. THEY DO NOT SERVE US, THEY DO NOT UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION, THEY ONLY SERVE CORRUPT GLOBALIST POLITICABS. THEY ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR BETRAYING OUR COUNTRY AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR FALLING FOR GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA.

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Because Hitler and his crimes are an exaggerated boogy man to keep everyone's attention away from the atrocities and war crimes committed by the allies and the communist during world War 2.

Every other year we find out something blamed on the nazis was actually the communists. Like the grave of 40k polls that were claimed to be nazi victims in ww2 but now we know damn well it was yhe communists.

They painted Hitler as the most evil thing ever so nobody would pay attention to the war crimes like bombing of civilian targets and the use of nuclear weapons unnecessarily in order to perform the first nuclear tests on live targets.

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Maybe if boomers actually took the time to be parents instead of relying on the state or television to raise their kids we wouldn't have these problems in the first place.

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That's a whole lot of projection.

My generation is the only reason the US is going to have e a chance because there is enough of us to keep the economy going while these young children figure out their shit and we transition away from a global economy because global supply chains are going to break down in the next 10-20 years as China and Russia putter out and die.

Your generation literally has accomplished nothing but being the first generation to create a ponzi scheme that steals wealth from working age Americans. You are all leeches. You are part of the first generation to literally eat the younger generation. All throughout human history the old sacrifice for the young. The founding father's said its your responsibility to PLANT TREES YOU WILL NEVER GET TO ENKOY THE SHADE OF. Instead your entitled generation chopped down all the trees, salted the earth, and allowed communists to put up a million regulations to plant more trees.

If you aren't going to get involved in local politics and start cleaning up your mess you should just remove yourself. It's the only morally justifiable action for the leech generation like you. Stop leeching. One way or another.

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Conveniently left out Ben Franklin because it doesn't fit her narrative.

I hate people that aren't honest to try and push their ideas. The point would still be made but because of her dishonesty the entire arguement can be waived away without much cognitive dissonance.

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Yet you did absolutely nothing while communist took over every local and national institution they possibly could while you watched sportsball and bbqed.

At the end of the day we would not be where we are if boomers did their civic duty. They failed. They are lazy and entitled and all they do is leech of of younger generations.

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Contrary to popular belief private corporations and citizens have to obey the constitution.

The constitution highlights inalienable rights. Right that come from God. No one on this planet is above God and no one had the right to violate another's inalienable rights whether they are a private citizen, a corporation, or the government.

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If you let your child be taken by the state and it's not over your dead body, yes it is your fault.

It is your responsibility to protect your child not the state. If that isn't something you are willing to die for you are unfit to be a parent.

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This faggot probably bad mouthed and looked down on everyone who didn't vaccinate. I hope his death is painful.

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No not even remotely true. The founding father's setup the nation to be like the Greek city states. They absolutely have the authority to defend their own borders. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

The only authority the federal government has is interstate commerce dispute and foreign diplomacy. Everything else was designed to be setup by the states and the constitution specifically prevents the federal government from doing more.

But you are a weak and poorly educated faggot just like your father and his father and his father before that and you fucking idiots gave up all of our freedoms while allowing socialist to take over the federal government and wipe their ass with the constitution BEFORE I WAS EVEN BORN. You had a civic duty and you failed.

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Greg about could instruct the attorney general of his state to put a grand jury together and start going after biden and his administration.

Instead he chose to write a letter. This is either weak bullshit or a grift.

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They system our founding father's laid out isn't being used you fool.

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Exactly this is just political virtue signaling and she should be shredded.

Allowing people to spout off nonsense like this is why we deserve rinos and uniparty clowns.

If politicians were held to account things would be different.

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How did house Republicans fundamentally change the way congress operate? She gives no examples. They got a rhino speaker. How is any of that change. It is literally more of the same, you had democrats help get a rhino elected speaker. More uniparty bullshit. Nothing different.

Here first statement is an outright lie. If the first thing out of a politicians mouth is a lie you are being grifted.

Yet looking through the comments, you idiots haven't learned a thing. As long as someone tells you it's raining you'll believe it while they piss on you.

They didn't change the way bills get passed at all. It us exactly the same as it has always been. Massive omnibus bills and bills with bullshit riders are still getting drafted and passed.

Government is still funded by stealing your dollars with a threat of a gun. That hasn't changed one bit and the fact that you people let her say that without calling out your bullshit makes you appear like trained seals.

Securing votes doesn't mean anything. It's bullshit political speak and if a politicians isn't talking straight they shouldn't be trusted.

2 working to fix something and accomplishing nothing g isn't admirable. When did being a failure become something that should be applauded in this country -_-

They haven't delivered on one promise and literally everything they list gets worse every month biden remains in office.

This is a grifter telling you exactly what you want to hear while delivering absolutely no results.

Stop falling for this bullshit. This is like Republicans not passing bills when they had majority control. They pretend they are fighting and working but in reality they are racking in the tax dollars, building their brand, and making deals. Then they go on tv and pretend they are fighting hard. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

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You can rationalize away reality all you want. Its a huge problem with people nowadays.

What happened was a loss. Trying to pretend anything was gained is denying reality because your ego can't admit it was a loss.

They accomplished nothing and are now virtue signaling like something was done. This is the weak bullshit that created the bad times we are living in. Pretending things are different doesn't make them different.

If they had half the balls they are pretending to have they would meet with their states attorney general and have them form grand juries to investigate Mccarthy for treason, insider trading, fraud, everything imaginable.

That is what strength looks like. That is what doing something about this mess looks like. You are from the generation who made this mess, obviously, if you think anything was accomplished.

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I'm so sick of seeing this bullshit.




IT ISNT. you are a generation of weak men and you weak faggots caused this and all your ideas to fix it are weak and stupid.

THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION. GRAND JURIES. They have the authority to not only investigate fraud but to prosecute fraud. Until criminals are held responsible with grand juries they will continue to cheat and steal.

Anyone saying to do anything else is part of the weak retarded generation who made this mess. Man the fuck up and put grand juries together. Especially if you live in a state with shenanigans.

You faggots are doing nothing but virtue signaling. What should I expect though your entire generation was so lazy they refused to do their civic duty and let communist take over this country.

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"Canadian researchers"

The last people on the planet without a shred of integrity or trustworthiness.

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Also only 300,000 slaves made it to the colonies before they shut the importing of slaves down. Millions went to south America, like brazil.

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Good. Those oathbreaking jackboots are leeching tax dollars.

They all took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution and none of them can even be bothered running for office or getting active in politics. They just let politicians wipe their ass and they can't do the bare minimum to uphold their oath. No honor. No integrity. Oathbreaking leeches.

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So when you see shitty things in the world your response is to be even shittier. That's real christ like asshole. You should do our entire country and leave. You deserve to live with 3rd world shitheads.

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God bless the people helping the immigrants?

God bless the people who swore to defend the second ammendment. Shall not be infringed is clear as day. Every member of the military and every veteran is an oathbreaking piece of shit.

The 9th ammendment says the government can't create any laws that violates an individuals right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

At least 90% of the governments laws violate the 9th ammendment. Every member of the military swore an oath to defend the 9th ammendment against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. instead they serve as the tyrannical governments jackboots. Not one veteran has defended the constitution.

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