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What is lit about violating the second ammendment?

All gun laws are infringements and he should be putting grand juries together to take down corrupt politicians not pandering about unconstitutional laws.

He is a traitor to this country for enforcing unconstitutional gun laws. He deserves to hang and if you think he is a good person you are an idiot and you are one of the weak men who have caused bad times.

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It's unconstitutional to make any law infringing on gun rights.

Any sort of permit or licensure is completely unconstitutional.

You ate asking to be saved by treasonous piece of shit. Your nuts.

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No it isn't. That kind of simplified thinking is retarded.

If you give the president the ability to purge the government the next time the libs get in power they will use it to destroy everything conservative.

You have to literally be retarded or have never studied American history to think its a good idea to increase the power of the federal government completely unchecked.

Do you even realize you are arguing for communist purges of the government. You have no convictions, no morals, you abandon what's right to spite your opponents. You have no honor.

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The grand jury clause.

Everything we need is in the constitution.

The federal government took over education decades before I was born.

The federal government doesn't properly teach the constitution.

The federal government no longer teaches cursive English, what the constitution is written in.

No one in history has ever educated people to overthrown them.

That is what would be required to properly teach the constitution.

The federal government has dumbed everyone down and is trying to prevent them from understanding the constitution and the powers the common man has from it. That way they can solidify there power and prevent the plebs from overthrowing them.

You are the perfect example of this. You don't even know about grand juries or how they are supposed to be used.

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We don't need more laws or to give the president more power.

If you don't understand how that is a bad idea and will be used against us in the future then you have never studied history.

The constitution needs to be enforced, period.

The 9th ammendment says rights not explicitly stated are protected under the 9th. That means rights declared in previous legal documents, like the declaration of independence are included and protected under the 9th ammendment.

That means life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are protected under the 9th. That means the federal government can't make any law that violates any individuals right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of hapiness.

Enforce the 9th, don't give the government more power, that's asinine.

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What do you call 2020 when Trump had record vote numbers only to be eclipsed by fraud.

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A state is the same thing as a country. The United states is a collection of countries essentially that formed a union. It's what the European Union wants to be with less freedom. A Greek nation-state for example was like Sparta or Athens. They would literally go with war with each other but when threatened by an outside force like Persia they would band together.

That is what the United states is supposed to be, without interstate war.

So my country, my state, is absolutely fine. I don't give a shit about the other 49. It's the sad reality but you have to worry about your own shit first. A strong man knows he has to worry about his own nation while others suffer.

Take a look at history. The longest nation to exist before us was Rome. But they split. Half of the nation was retarded and weak and had to be shed.

I truly believe America is too big and we should focus and reinforcing the constitution in individual states so the American ideal can survive "the split" and the fall of half of its empire. Just like Rome did.

It's a sad harsh reality. But real men know it's what's needed. What looks like nothing to you is positioning ourselves for strength in the future.

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The proper response is what was the price of meat two years ago?

Because it isn't down, it's still up and I'm sick of retards pretending otherwise.

You gamble 50 dollars and win ten you are still down 40. You didn't make 10 dollars, that's retarded. So is meat counter npc.

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Foreign born people shouldn't have any position in government.

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You may own nothing.

As a young single man who still doesn't need a quarter of his monthly salary, I'm going to be just fine and I'm going to scoop up some foreclosures because I wasn't dumb enough to invest in a bubble like my peers who over payed their houses by a 100k.

Where I live the farmers got together and purchased over 10 million dollars in land north of the state capital in order to prevent corporations from expanding.

Some of us are doing shit. What's your excuse?

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Rothesburger Perdue Chris Carr Rich Mccormick Chuck Edward's Nancy Mace

Trump endorsed over 200 canidates. Some lost.

You are delusional. It makes us look retarded when you deny reality. Yeah most of his endorsements won, but it doesn't matter if they are running for senate or governor, Trumps endorsement doesn't gaurentee victory.

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It's havoc to bus invaders to blue states but not to have red states invaded.

This is only about illegals voting and nothing else.

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They did it using entirely stolen intellectual properties.

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This is weak.

Invaders don't get sent back. They get killed. This is putting a bandaid on the problem at best and it's more low testosterone emotional female bullshit.

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15 percent tax on corporations.

There isn't a single corporation that can absorb that without passing the cost onto consumers.

It's literally raising inflation.

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The entire reason we have a navy was to fight the Muslim pirates who were enslaving Americans.

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We don't have a capitalist society. America has been socialist longer then I have been alive.

You cant do business with anybody, most industries require exuberant licensing and fees to operate, you can only sell government approved goods and you have to give them a cut.

That is outright socialism.

Capitalism is like America was originally where anyone could be a doctor or a lawyer, anybody could sell anything to anyone, and the individual was responsible for their own stupid choices.

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I actually got really annoyed with my younger brother over the brown Jesus myth.

Take a look at a map and look at where the caucus region is located.

Jesus literally comes from caucasia where Caucasians are from

His contemporary (if you can call him that. 150 years later) Muhammad (piss be upon him) was described as being white as snow.

Jesus was white and people need to get over it.

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Clearly unequal treatment under the law. Blatantly unconstitutional.

This shit stops when the first attorney general has the balls to put grand juries together to investigate the feds.

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Oooh so brave. Maybe he should just get rid of the lists and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL PERMITS in the first place.

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What's bad about it?

All I have heard about ranked choice is you make a list of your choices and rank them. So let's say you vote for Ralph Nader, well Ralph Nader doesn't have a shot in hell so your vote goes to your second rank choice.

"If a candidate receives more than half of the first choices in races where voters elect one winner, that candidate wins, just like in a single-choice election. However, if there is no majority winner after counting first choices, the race is decided by an "instant runoff." The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and voters who picked that candidate as ‘number 1’ will have their votes count for their next choice. This process continues until there’s a majority winner or a candidate won with more than half of the vote."

All you people can say is it will mean we won't get Trump.

4 canidates: Trump Clinton Green party Libertarian party

Rank voting works so let's say Trump gets 44% Hillary 40% Green party 6% Libertarianism party 10%

There is no clear majority that has over 50% of the entire votes. So an instant runoff happens, the Green party is eliminated and that six percent could go literally anywhere. So let's say it all goes to Hillary that gives Hillary 46% Trump 44% and the libertarians 10%. Still no over 50% majority so the libertarians are eliminated and their votes let's say go to Trump for a 54 to 46 election with Trump winning.

How is this inherently bad. All anyone has said is its bad like they are a retarded caveman. Explain why.

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The downside of reverse osmosis is that it creates a lot of waste water and end product completely lacks minerals which could cause you to leech minerals from your body if your not eating properly.

It used to take 20 gallons of waste to make 1 gallon of water with reverse osmosis. They are fitting that down now and working towards zero waste reverse osmosis. But that could be kind of a pipe dream, I'm sure we could make it super efficient. But zero waste, Idk.

Reverse osmosis water or demineralized water is sometimes called hungry water. Basically the process to create the water makes it dissolve minerals and atmospheric co2 easier. So people worry that it could leech toxins out of glass or metal containers it's stored in as well as leeching minerals from our body as it goes through us.

I used one for years with no problem but I was also eating garden fresh food, local raised meat, and exercising.

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