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And most of the faggot Rs too

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I agree. It is BY FAR the most American Made vehicle in existence.

HOWEVER, whether or not we choose to by one should be determined by the free market. Not lazy, ill intended legislation that requires us to. The later is unacceptable.

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As a business owner I can tell you it's not easy. Litigation is expensive and can cost others their jobs. What they should've done is be more discerning throughout the hiring process. These days you just can't let these bitches slip through the cracks.

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And litigation. I just got an LOI to fund my company. We are a very young company and very excited and grateful to have completed our first round. I can tell you all right now, I WILL NEVER HIRE A LEFTIST. No fucking way I sacrifice having lived in a warehouse on an air mattress, feeding my dog before I feed myself, literal blood, literal sweat, and literal tears.. NO WAY I'm going to I risk faggotry to permeate what I've worked for.

I'm going to hire patriots. PERIOD.

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And what incredible penmanship. To this day, the most beautiful signature ever written.

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Says the faggot who jumped the border for a better life

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At least slap the shit out of each other.

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They are absolutely known for keeping promises... when it comes to destroying America

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Has AOC visited the trailer yet? Any fake tears?

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A similar study estimated that over 8 million men in America are currently raising kids under the assumption that the child is theirs. AND IT'S NOT.

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Put it this way, if you saw my mom driving, it would look like a ghost was at the wheel.

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Exploiting children is a way of life for the left.

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As an Asian American I find it absolutely positively accurate that you round eyed patriots are pointing this out. The women in my family are absolutely atrocious drivers.

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FACTS. Modern women are a nightmare.

There were about 300,000 DNA Paternity testing cases analyzed and roughly 100,000 men have deemed not the father.

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