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Shit. That's my bottle of coke!

Hold up. That's also my Santa suit!

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Wearing white pants so he can see the blood on them after eating children

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Living in Lakewood Ranch is great. No problems here. Loving it here. And Waterside is going to be a really nice area.

I would agree with Bradenton. But the outskirts of Sarasota south and west are building well. Sarasota anything near Newtown stay away.

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I dunno. But they have Grady Judd, one of the best sheriff's in America. Lakeland and Winter Haven are decent. Anything below Tampa is well. Then you got a few areas around Apopka like Leesburg (more rural)

If you can afford it, Lakewood Ranch is the freaking awesome

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Well below Tampa is pretty well

Parrish, Palmetto, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch (may be the hottest market right due to their safety. I got lucky), then Sarasota, Venice, Osprey, Englewood, North Port. All pretty good areas. Anything around Tampa (Riverview, Brandon, Gibsonton may be a little rougher). Going a little east of Tampa (plant city, Lakeland, and Winter Haven) are pretty good areas. Apopka is pretty nice as well (just north of Orlando)

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Lakeland is pretty cool. They got the most bad ass sheriff. Plant city may work

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North Port, Palmetto, Ellenton, Brandon, Riverview, Parrish . I'm in Lakewood Ranch above Sarasota.

All could have some deals. Ocala sucks. Lived there' for almost 9 years.

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Fuck "happy holidays"

It's Merry Christmas, you piece of shit liberal

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Democrats are such dumb fucks who will shovel a shit load in their mouths when ever it is commanded

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I remember being a kid in the 80s and the American dream and all the freedoms for the future. All horse shit. All of it

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True. But there is more red states than blue. Just to out gerrymander them. Red states should get rid of all blue seats

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