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The right will have to get over being called racists, which will take a lot more pain because most are highly sensitive to being shamed.

All from central bankers and communists who are mostly atheists, yet people keep treating them as though they are the people from the freaking Bible.

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Because it wasn't the bolshevik revolution in 1918 Germany and Weimar transgenderism and financial collapse via usury that followed that made people hate them...

Just as Russia was being invaded in 1917, Germany also was a year later (Trotsky said Germany was next).

Now they have come for us, Patton was right. We unfortunately sided with the communists and America was next after they destroyed Russia/Germany and used our gullible media brainwashed soldiers to help them.

Imagine one day people looking back at Americans thinking we were just brainwashed to hate all this transgenderism and central banking. The Germans were under attack just as we now are.

Our enemies want revenge for 70AD.

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Late 1800s with Dewey.

Rescuing our Children - Alex Newman (Communists took over US education late 1800's)

Then sent us into endless wars for their NWO cause. It sucks but we have to face all of it. We lost the Civil War to a banking cartel and that same communist cartel invaded Russia in 1917 and Germany in 1918 and has used American tax money and our soldiers to help them.

US taxpayers funded the deaths of 60 million Christians in 1917 Russia.

America must wake up and repent, turn back to God. Ignorance isn't an excuse anymore, we have the proof but people keep running from it not wanting to be shamed and called names.

The United States of America is the Great Satan.

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"Your “liberal” Aunt Peggy will approve of what the FBI did for the same reason she didn’t let you come visit because you were unvaccinated: Because she’s not a “liberal”.

She a committed communist who would gladly have you jailed for what you believe." - Jesse Kelly

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And a good 90% are still too cucked or ignorant to know who's done it.

Even with thousands of quotes of them admitting it, even on video.

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All who came over from Weimar and infiltrated our Universities should be outed and deported.

Chuck Woolery on the Bolsheviks like Garfinkel who fled here and destroyed them, changing their last names to hide their true identity.

All of this needs to be mainstream talking points, we are at war.

But again, all we ever do is talk about "what should" happen, because we haven't suffered enough to finally take action, because it's racist to defend yourself against invaders, meaning maybe bigotry and racism are moral goods to protect your own people from outsiders and we have been brainwashed by invaders.

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Who arrests Yagoda?

"sir, killing 10 million of us is against our constitution, we're going to vote you out!"

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1776 was the last war we won.

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What race is he?

Why does he want White people replaced in the US and Europe?

Why are we still staying silent about what's blatantly obvious?

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What a deceptively evil sign, "God loves trans people."

Trying to draw sinful (or insane) actions into the love of God.

It's like a guy driving around drunk with a sign "God loves alcoholics"

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I do pray Elon fully comes to our side and bows the knee to Christ Jesus, the Lord of glory.

"The ultimate goal of God is not yet accomplished, and that is the reconciliation of the entire cosmos to himself and the restoration of Eden in consummated form. That hasn’t happened yet. And when that happens, you’re going to need a king. And that king is going to be Jesus."

-- Dr. Michael Heiser (from his Revelation series on the naked Bible podcast I'm binging through)

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Have White people control their own media.

Had to stop the 1965 immigration act because we've now lost the country.

America was great because of White Christians.

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Porn should be illegal for adults, it's what collapses civilizations and has been used as a weapon of war.

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"Immigration" is a biological attack on White America.

ethnic cleansing is wrong and we didn't bring the slaves here.

Whites were 90% of the US population a generation ago an now close to 50%.

That's called genocide and we all know who's behind it.

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In an actual Republic, which we lost long ago.

We are in a bio-Leninist communist regime with constitutional wallpaper as meaningless decoration.

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With White people not being responsible for slavery in the south to begin with.

Until that truth is dealt with our people will continue to take the blame for the bankers crimes.

All those movies like Roots were ccommunist propaganda to rile up blacks against the middle class.

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Christians invented hospitals and orphanages.


Christians created Western civilization, Rome was barbaric towards the common man before the idea of loving others and individual rights came along.

Tom Holland tells NT Wright: Why I changed my mind about Christianity

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They always control who's on "our side" to make sure no one says anything bad about Israel (aka banking cartel hideout) and only China

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Highly intelligent Bolsheviks are behind the buffoon.

He's the senile punching bag.

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