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I never said "All is lost" I asked for current lawsuits people can sign on to.

Look at the exec order and the requirements, Federal employees are required to get this stuff before december, there is limited time for them to jump on to this. I am not trying to convey defeatism, just urgency.

I just can't stand people posting "Hey this is a great thing" without posting links to how other pedes can jump on that train.

No doubt we both agree on the same thing here, but we're at odds somehow :P

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And those lawsuits are being thrown out by corrupt judges.

Try again.

Show me any lawsuit I can tell my govvie friends about and I'll get them to sign on to it.

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This is so true.

Told a coworker what we could do to block the mandate in our company and he freaked. "And lose my job?"

Dude was ranting for 15 full minutes about how were not in a free country anymore and gives up like that.

Stand for something, because your peers and mentors won't. Be different, be an outsider.

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One of the most patriotic people I know of is formerly mexican.

They worked for years to get their citizenship and they can't stand folks who cheated.

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Sums it up.

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If you don't get that, you haven't been on the internet long.

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Cause you know well have to read it as law after it passed anyways.

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It's so much worse.

This gives the government LEGAL precedent to DEFINE APPROVED JOURNALISTS.

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Stand in their way.

Gotta be done.

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They do hear, but they ignore it.

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Corruption and there's nothing we can do about it. They're not even hiding.

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Don't bet on any government handouts.

It's a system that is meant to demoralize you.

Find another job.

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10% for the big guy, that's why.

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They have no standing to refute that.

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as a future freemason chiseled his comments on a far away pillar.

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2 things.

  1. Biden came on the field - and all everyone could focus on was him....until Greg hit a homer and people forgot biden existed.
  2. They beat the dems 13-12, which oddly enough will give them an advantage at the negotiating table as well as morale

Call it what you will, I'm glad we have dudes like this guy getting the MAGA message out there.

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