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Misery index is inflation + unemployment for those scrolling around

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THIS. She is part of the Justice Democrats and a mouthpiece for lonely socialist virgins funded by none other than CHUNK YOGURT of the Young Turks

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How old was this person? I'm baffled by the hate for capitalism because capitalism gave these retards everything they have.

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Who pays for this? It's us, the tax payers. "Covid relief" dollars have gone to indirect advertising because big pharma is not allowed to do it themselves, as the coof vax is not FDA approved.

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This is the same CCP psycho that said we are running out of time for vaccine passports. CNN knows exactly what they are doing.

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Dearborn Denim is based in Chicago and makes all their stuff in the USA. I have a few basics from them

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Notice the lack of land whales

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245 years ago we said fuck you King George and declared the radical idea that all men are equal and that government is for the people and by the people. Fuck monarchies, fuck European feudalism, and especially fuck communism

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the high threshold was used to perpetuate the LIE of "asymptomatic spread", which was the basis for stupid mask mandates.

it was never about science and always about your compliance.

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Lol (((RBG))) hated black people and was a eugenicist and a globalist shill

EDIT: and a pedophile that wanted to lower the age of consent.

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Lol make sure you end your post recommending the vax to everyone

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One of my favorite parks. The giant grove is a magical place

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This is the way - gotta hold these people to their own rules. Alinsky 101

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I used to handle customer due diligence visits to our manufacturing site. Everyone from the EU always wanted an afternoon at the mall for this reason.

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Modern feminism is about reaping all the perks of the world that men built with none of the responsibility

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Denmark, the liberal paradise, also has no minimum wage

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