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Colorado is entertaining this shit too. Jena Griswold is a demon that needs to be investigated for treason.

Little known facts for anyone browsing. Denver, CO has been a testing/holding bay for all things DNC/corporate/commie since the housing crash and legalization of weed. Our population has grown by 15% since 2010 while the national average was ~7%.

At the same time of the crash, Silicone Valley companies were setting up bay in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) and Omni Interlocken. Anheuser-Busch was using their Denver office for pilot programs during the whole explosion. The Coors Brothers sold off their company to pursue 'ceramics'. Google CoorsTek and the shit they produce for the military. Lockheed Martin and other aeronautics companies were growing at significant rates. Halliburton wasn't hurtin' during the same time period and if you wouldn't believe, they're a few blocks from.... Dominion Voting Systems, that got its start in the US at the same time.

Hijacked fucking state. Shit has been rigged for decades folks. It took GEOTUS to wake me up. Fucking commies.

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Scarcity.... Gold is finite. Fiat currencies such as cash are not. They're hook nosed scams designed to siphon wealth from the lower and middle classes via inflation.

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'If Trump wanted support'

From who? DeSantis? He barely won against a low-IQ-drugged-out jogger (Gillum) with photos of his call-boy's jizz dripping out his ass onto the bed sheets.

Support from DeSantis. Hahahaha.

Fuck off. Trump 2024. There's a reason DeSantis mimics Trump's mannerisms. He's a twat.

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Even more little-known fact:

DeSantis can't be a declared candidate. Doing so would initiate the forfeiture of his post as Governor of FL.

Resign-To-Run-Law https://soe.dos.state.fl.us/pdf/DE-Guide0016-Resign-to-RunLawFinal.pdf

State legislature is in the process to repeal the ambiguous law so he can be a puppet in the establishment's wet dream.

I look forward to the debates as Iraq-war-loving mini-me DeSantis subconsciously continues to mimic the mannerisms of his rightful leader and opponent; Donald J Trump.

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'You called me a fag for linking non-archived cnn articles shitting on a controlled op td has known to be against trump since 2016, but I swear on my Jewish mom's Tupperware that I'm not a faggot because you didn't say I was wrong about an opinion I didn't even express outside of my fag non-archived link' - VikingMonkey, OP, a consistently downvoted faggot.

Don't you have a coloring book to play with or lawn darts to throw into the sun?

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Naarrr. They keep a crose a eye on der bought and paid furr rroundeye!

How we've allowed these serpent looking demon fucks to buy our homeland without public screrrrtiny is all you need to know about errected readership. Round up every CN serpent and ship them back to their ant hills. While we're at it we need to send the chil-chompers home too.

Sick and tired of this shit.

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This. I was involved in a self-defense altercation against six people in a group on a golf course of all places. I was told I could press assault charges on the six who decided to jump me if I accepted felony aggravated assault charges since i beat the living piss out of a few of them with my 7iron. The cop gave me the option to walk away and call it a day. I was happy to go to work the next day vs sit in a cell with indigents spending months defending myself against the color of the city.

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DJI Zenmuse XT or H20N flying at ~1600ft. (Could also be hoshposh DJI w/ FLIR bolt on.


33°41'46"N 84°20'08"W

^Coordinates of the attack if anyone wants to look at it via satellite mapping. Power lines and road markings check out. (Copy pasta coordinates directly into gmaps or other satellite mapping services)

All new drones are equipped with RemoteID and that drone's flight record is housed in the FAA's database. If only it was publicly accessible. I'd like to verify the operator and owner of said drone. (More than likely Local PD) but would enjoy digging further to polish my tin foil bowler cap.

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So a weak person who doesn't have morals/convictions and is willing to bargain his future/health to appease clients?

He had/has enough money to tell them all to fuck off. He didn't because he is a faggot producing shit products off the backs of Chinese slaves and unapportioned US tax $$$..

The vast majority of Teslas are driven by technodicks in the IT industry that couldn't survive a 12 hour workday sitting on their ass without doordash or soylent meal replacements as they knowlingly help facilitate the replacement of our last profitable service industry with push-start bare-hand ass-wipers and noodle slurpers easily blinded by dental floss. Fuck all the fags that support his companies.

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I knew an autistic kid that kept a dozen or more Tamagotchi pets alive until the batteries died despite routinely shitting his pants.

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we all? some of us don't watch faggot sportsball even if they have a trained monkey performing intermission tricks.

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Or on the back of Trump. Fuck 'em. I don't watch any of that bullshit anymore. They're pull-string dolls posing as intellectuals.

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I wept and prayed while watching it for the first time last night. I have scheduled a time next week to watch it with my other half who almost lost her job over the mandates and every day is experiencing 'anomalies' and 'irregularities' in the lvl3 NICU she works in.

The horrifying things she is seeing in newborns has steadily increased but she has been barred from looking at vaccination statuses; the system notifies superiors if you check the parent's charts. I've told her to keep a logbook with dates to help document and ease her mind. Beyond that, we pray and look forward to increasing our family with future unvaccinated children.

God bless you and your husband for seeking truth. It often hurts.

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Because they have mouths to feed and will stomp on anyone's neck that gets in the way.

Keep in mind, they couldn't even handle rock dwellers in countries that wipe their ass with their bare hands. Wait til these dumbass low IQ servants fuck around and find out. The largest armed army is US civilians. Thank God for our 2A and our founders.

We have land. We have guns. They will shit their government issued chonies when we organize. They're dead-ass head shaved goons. They haven't won a war in almost 70 years.

Tree of Liberty is parched. Thirsting. In our lifetime? Maybe not. In my son's or his children? Probably. They will be ready and it will be glorious. History will tell that McVeigh was an underachiever and peaked too soon.

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If the dude across from you is repeatedly pocketing aces every turn at a table how is the solution not to put a nice caliber in his frontal lobe so as to keep the others honest?

Your turn. Deal.

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They're all grifters with a product to sell and livelihood to keep afloat. That fruit-gusher shaped face faggot wouldn't stand shoulder to shoulder with any honest patriot. He'll be sitting behind a camera with a necktie covering his circumcision scars arguing over semantics before he ever puts his moral convictions into measurable action. He has a $19million estate to manage while the country goes to shit and he competes for social relevancy/security.

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More importantly; wealth and land ownership in the fake system we participate in today is predominately held by the retired or soon to be retired.

This was a bio-weapon sponsored by the United States, created/leaked in China.

This wasn't an accident or 'oopsy' in science. It was intentional and they're sitting back waiting for it all to implode so they can usher the sheep into a social credit system after they seize ALL wealth from the working class - yet again.

Satanically brilliant scheme to hoard more shekels.

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Here we sit. Arguing over plurals/possessives/grammar.

Meanwhile, an entire low-iq civilization is colonizing our lands, rarely disputing male/female nouns out of necessity for linguistic purposes.

All I see in this chain is panty-wastes arguing over an apostrophe while a bunch of flat-heads pour their foundations, pick their fruit, hang their drywall and dry-dick their women.

Half the joggers here can't even read or write cursive for fucks sake. Move on. Direct your nitpicky bullshit towards something constructive; like taking this country and culture back.

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What's a pederast, Walter?

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1 John 2:14-17

I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

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The downvotes denote lurkers.

She is predominately Haitian. Average IQ of their populace is 67. US Military cutoff is 83.

She is fortunate to have been raised in predominately Anglo-Saxon communities to break the mold - only to quit medical school and resort to preying upon white guilt within the communities she was raised in to pursue a dismal career in phony post-modern identity politics.

Mockery of an intellect. Salon manager in the Bronx at best. Wet nurse in a mud hut at worst. Also a dyke with a spider on her head.

Zero respect given and will welcome all downvotes for calling a literal spade, a spade.

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You're part of the problem.

Pay the $15 a month and tell them that they need to coordinate with you because your animals are trained to attack trespassers. When they try to schedule visits, tell them it isn't convenient. Make it as impossible as you can for them to figure out.

You will cost them more money than they save while pushing you towards automated conformity.

Same reason you ALWAYS fight traffic tickets and argue with the system and have it brought before a judge/jury.

Waste their time and make them feel some sense of shame for being the 'other.' Always.

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Friends: 'Where would you go if you had a time machine?'

Me: 'Witness the destruction of the Library of Alexandria... actually, never mind. Send me to Jekyll Island with my boogaloo bag.'

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He took forever to respond to commands to kill the ignition and take his foot off the accelerator. I didn't dare help him out of the car (liability) but when he popped out as I was on the phone with 911 he kept telling me that he just 'needed to call his mom.'

Tears my gut up thinking about it. Just another fatherless soul having his hand held by a Peter Pan / Pinocchio Pleasure Island society.

I have been thanking God all day it wasn't me that he hit because I have a boy to raise.

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The two officers I spoke to as a witness said he was going to local ER for blood samples and would be arrested.

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