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Definitely good luck. My challenge was memory loss. I was forgetting stops on my route, which I know like the back of my hand. Or I'd forget to deliver all of what I picked up at Point A to Point B. I'd deliver everything but one box or something. Then It would still be in my vehicle. I'd see it, and have to go back.

To others I could blow it off as "yea, stupid me. Got distracted cuz my ex called" or something like that. Deep down I knew.

I was getting scared I had early stage dementia. First session on a PEMF mat, I could feel little pangs (good pangs) in my back. My guess is the blood was going from acidic to alkaline. Next time on it, I felt better. Not 100%, but def better. Third time on it, BOOM!!! This fog had been lifted.

The only bad thing, and this is on me- is that since I've gotten better I don't keep using it. Still, had someone said that they could take me from where I was to where I am now, if I was positive they were on the up and up- I would have paid several times what this thing cost.

Again, good luck to ya. They sell them on Amazon. All sorts of reviews along the lines of mine. I believe every one of them.

You might even see mine on there. It's similar to what I wrote here.

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I'm not sure what your health issues are, but ya may want to take a look at a PEMF mat.

They supposedly help some 280 different issues. From dementia to wounds to all sorts of things. I can't vouch for the other 279, but it helped massively with mine.

One of the best 3 or 4 things I ever bought in my life.

If you care, I'll give ya more details. Sometimes I can't check in every day, but if ya respond I'll try to help.

You get well.

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One thing on the comments, people are saying things like "you get the government you vote for."

No, you don't. They should be saying "you get the government you helped steal an election for."

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LOL!! Comment from the thread:

I remember reading about someone who got tired of his car being broken into so he decided to move out of San Francisco. He loaded up his car and then it was broken into right before he left.

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Interest and inflation should both be 0.

It's not the first time I've mentioned it, but there's a book titled "The Creature From Jekyll Island." That book explains how the Federal Reserve runs. How it started, the things that happen around the world that are tied to banks.

It reads like a spy novel, not some boring economic book. I haven't read it in over 10 years, so I don't recall a lot of details. What I do remember is that book changed my financial life. I'm not rich, but I'm debt free. In large part due to what I read in that book.

Some of the stuff I knew intellectually- like to pay things off so I could quit paying interest- but emotionally I just didn't care as long as I could make my payments. That book pissed me off, and after that I've tried to deal with banks as little as possible.

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No F*ckwad, I'm 100% right.

There's a case where a doctor cured someone who had covid. He gave the patient "the Joe Rogan treatment" (their words, not mine). Patient was cured and everyone should have been happy.

Instead, this doctor was reprimanded big time. The last I knew, he was facing the possibility of losing his license. I never did find out what happened. Sometimes when I go back the next day, there's different people there. The topic never came up again where I felt comfortable asking about it.

So pull your head out of your ass and understand that if some of these people speak out, there can be consequences.

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I deliver to 2 hospitals every day for my job. A handful of others on occasion.

I've long ago known about some of these side effects. No one violated any patients confidentiality, but they told me about some of the things that have happened to patients BECAUSE of the vax.

We've long since stopped talking about vax, masks, etc. A year or 2 ago it was a big topic. Two things I remember from back then were:

  1. The reason hospitals public comments and the private feelings of the employees are different is because most of these hospitals are public companies. The people who work in them know different. They're often not at liberty to speak publicly.

  2. They were telling me about these lawsuits ya see on tv or hear on the radio. Where a person took Product X from Company Y, and is now having health issues- to call Lawyer Z. They said in a few years, that these types of ads would be common against Pfizer, Moderno, etc.

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Stupid me used to believe this stuff. Little did I know back then that the terrorists weren't in Iraq, Libya, North Korea, etc.

They were in Washington DC, with over lords in New York, London, Tel Aviv, and a few other places.

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The stolen elections (yes, with an "s") were an attack on our country.

The Federal Reserve was an attack on the country.

The open borders are an attack on the country.

The list could go on.

Even before these tapes, Jan 6 was a Nothing Burger.

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Yep- Family friend who had a nice run as Sheriff had to run as a D. He's about as conservative as it gets.

I still remember as a kid, I was wearing a Queen concert shirt. He was my friend's Dad, friends with my folks. Anyway, he's explaining how Queen means gay. I told him "no they're not."

I was so clueless back then. I had no idea of the programming that was being done on me.

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I actually don't eat bread. I stopped awhile ago. Due to the enriched issue I mentioned with the noodles.

Ironically I borrowed my brother's bread maker to make fresh bread. That was a month or so ago. I've never used it though.

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I use Cadia organic noodles now, but will look into those. Either one is better than the enriched stuff I used to buy. Thanks!!

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Yea, totally on me for not being clear. Pasta was one thing. Then the eyesight was a combination of all the rest of the things.

LOL!! Now I'm getting worried that talking about it will jinx things. =)

In the end, all I know is I had to have the corrective lens thing on my license since I got it at 16. Now I'm almost 60, and don't. I'll still wear my glasses when I drive cuz I see better with them. Just kind of neat to know I don't legally have to have them.

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All the virtue signalers in the comment section of the video are unreal. Yea, the White girl was an idiot. Facing 13 years is way too excessive.

Here's a video on Tessa Majors. Not one racial comment in the first 15 or so.


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Appreciate it. It's not just diet though.

The other things I'm doing many would consider quack science. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is the exception. My friend used that to recover from a stroke so fast he was driving in 6 months. So Hyperbaric is highly regarded, though it's pricey.

That's combined with PEMF, Salt Pods, Vibration Therapy, and a few other things along those lines. The stuff in this group is where people will point and laugh at ya. I'm not telling anyone to do this, just that it's helped me.

I didn't mean to state that just the diet changed my vision. I meant it as that was one thing I was doing, among other things- and so far the results have been positive. I still have a ways to go though. It's not like I'm in perfect health.

Thanks for your input, and I think you're on the right track health wise. Good luck to ya.

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I'm with you on a lot of the diet. Enriched/fortified noodles, spaghetti, etc for example. I learned about it not long ago. So I did a little trial.

I had spaghetti before going to bed. Stuff I had in my cupboard. I did not sleep well at all. Taste kept coming into my stomach.

Next time I bought natural, and tried that. Spaghetti before bed. Sure enough, I slept through the night as normal.

Also- at the expense of sounding crazy, but my eyesight is getting better. All my life I've needed glasses to drive. Over 40 years. Just the other day I took the vision test without glasses, and passed it with flying colors.

I still have a ways to go. I'm also doing other things besides changing my diet. Still, I seem to be going in the right direction.

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Ok, I wasn't sure. I just looked it up because it was so interesting to see such a drop in crime. I'm certainly no expert on El Salvador.

I mostly thought it was interesting that the guy gets crime drastically lowered, and bleeding hearts think he's too tough on the crooks.

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I read some on this. Basically he made an unofficial pack with the 2 leading gangs. They'd quit murdering for certain privileges.

From article:

In September 2020, the renowned news website El Faro revealed, after extensive research, that Bukele's government had indeed reached an agreement with the country's two most powerful criminal gangs. It reported that the deal included benefits for jailed gang members and other promises in exchange for a reduction in the murder rate ahead of the 2021 parliamentary elections. The government camp won the elections by a wide margin.

Back to me- There was a spike in Feb of 2022, when the gangs reneged on their agreement. One day alone had 62 murders. That was to show their President (Bukele) that they weren't happy about bitcoin mining and the potential for foreigners moving in, and they could strike back at any time.

Looks like not wanting foreigners to overtake a country isn't just a US thing.

From article:

Christian Ambrosius from the Institute for Latin American Studies at Berlin's Freie University, who is currently in El Salvador, told DW that the "Maras" were particularly brutal. "One victim was dumped on a newly-built bridge in the capital that is one of Bukele's prestigious projects. It was a clear signal to the president and to tourists. The violence is being used to pressure the government, which is currently trying to sell El Salvador as a cool bitcoin country with great beaches."

Back to me- There's some 70,000 gang members in a country of about 7 million. Once Bukele got the first wave under control, now he's being more of a hard ass to the remaining set.

From article:

Since his surprise election win in 2019, the outsider candidate Bukele has been a controversial figure. Some see him as a savior, others believe he is an unprincipled populist. Members of the country's civil society are alarmed by his increasingly authoritarian style of governance.

After El Faro's revelations, the president gave his approval to the use of deadly violence against the Maras and a series of repressive measures in the country's prisons.

Edit- Basically the guy comes in and does a great job. Brings crime way down. All the people love him. Then the tinker bells start bitching that he's being too hard on these poor criminals.

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What I didn't get was this intentional like the Wisconsin Christmas slaying or was he just high on drugs and didn't actually start driving with any intent?

Either way it totally sucks.

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Gay as opposed to faggot. Gay is supposed to mean "Good as you" to them. Gay used to mean happy. Lets get real though, there aren't any very many fags who are happy.

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I'm not a fan of his, but I think he wrote an Anti White song awhile back. Accidental Racist if I recall it right.

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Can you link where the CIA agent tortured him? I'm not disputing you or doubting you one bit.

I knew a DEA agent was murdered by the cartels. I didn't know the rest of the details you mentioned.

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Support for all wars massively declines once people know the real reasons behind them and some of the details about what's really happening to people.

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Yup. This is what I said about 4 days ago on Rosie Odonnel agreeing with Trump. Whenever that article appeared:

I still don't trust her. Once she realizes most of those people voted for Trump, she'll be glad it happened.

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