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Senile Joe is repeating what Pencil Neck was reEeEee about on cesspool Twitter. The states are in charge of abortion issues now. Fuck off you demented fool.

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Yes they just want the chance to destroy things. Bunch of lowlifes with intersectional diversity gender studies degrees. The most annoying part is nobody will arrest and jail these jokers. People waving USA flags and taking selfies at the capitol are hunted, arrested and put in solitary confinement. Sad!

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Exactly!! I don't get why these fools are ranting and threatening people online. The baton is now in the hands of the states and we know blue states encourage abortions. They are making it look like SC banned all the states. The sheep can't read they just follow orders from MSM

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So Justina Castro's statement is empty. Canada needs to get this globalist drama teacher out of office

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States to decide!!! Fuck off with this bullshit. If you want to stay in a blue state and murder babies go ahead.

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OPERATION MAXINE WATERS: Egg them when you see them, bring out all your rotten tomatoes too, make them wear disguises now RINO hunting season.

GOOD by yoda
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They are all crying with their dozen cats on twitter

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Madeline will grab her shotgun and wait. Loved burn notice

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Evil bastard burn in hell you witch!!! There is no data no research that shows that babies are seriously at risk and will die. You are doing this all because of money and backdoor deals.

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CNN had some Karen shrink always diagnosing President Trump on TV.

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The script will fall apart when the actor is a demented child sniffer

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Nasty Nancy Mace ahead wtf

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