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It's sad that we have degenerated to the point where we like people for being sane and normal. That used be common among all of us, and we found other reasons to like people

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Family Pride Month sounds like an awesome counter. It should just be day, but because it's a direct counter to "Fag/Tranny Month", they made it a whole month too.

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Yea, I wish we could reclaim the word gay to mean happy and jolly.

Probably won't ever happen at this point.

Actually, it could happen, IF...

If an extremely popular or well respected celebrity or two, like Kardashians or Oprah or Mr. Beast, used the word in it's traditional happy meaning. If they did this once, or multiple times, and then a few others picked up on it also, these people have mega influence on culture, and could swing it back if they tried.

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I read it and it doesn't confirm he carried the ballots. In fact, it only says he didn't. It says he got the wrong Trailer ID.

I think they are lying. I believe the guys testimony that he saw in the back of his Trailer filled out ballots as he described.

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I'm concerned about the blatant sexism from this administration.

They are bragging about purposefully excluding men from the honor of the Presidential Transport Team.

I'm sick of these sexist bigots bragging about it to our faces.


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30 minutes in, numerous high up doctors and professors and shinks and stuff...

Not one of them can answer the question that my 4 year old daughter can answer, "What is a Woman"

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The idea was to destroy Twitter. It failed because we all like Twitter too much. Trump is still hanging on to this idea, no doubt because of his investment in Truth.

They banned the President. They censored the President. They banned and censored endless people that don't do anything wrong, but go against the new world order and the wuhan virus mania and the trannys.

What do we do, we take it in the ass and like it!

I would much preferred to have seen Twitter be destroyed and various other social media take it's place, including Truth, but now we are in this awkward phase where this didn't happen

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Going back to the title, the article suggests the box office revenue might make the film break even.

It doesn't discuss the toys/brand being sold and the revenue from that, which will be a lot, because people still buy Little Mermaid toys by the bunches

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Trump should surely abandon Truth Social and go back to Twitter now! It's so much better. They definitely won't censor him or disable his account again.


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The laptop was given to Rudy Giuliani and several media outlets. All of them said there were hideous illegal looking things on it. Many said there was child porn on it.

Only select pics were released. No one has ever released all of them into a public database free for all to navigate.

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Get your dick out of your ass and stop bending backwards and upside down dude.

Trump is not anti-Christ. You sound like a deranged fool. While imperfect, he's our best fighter by far.

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Destroying filthy trash that doesn't belong there isn't "Hate", it's just cleanup

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I think Hitler concluded that Germany would be lost forever after his death. First, the communist came back in and controlled half the country. Thanks to the US, that was stifled and a liberal and free society was held up for some time, but things over there seem to be falling now

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LOL, so don't be proud of your parents, your grandparents, theirs and so on?
Don't be proud of your history and culture?

What a sad sole if you think you shouldn't be proud of things you can't change. There are lots of things you can't change that I'm proud of, including these!

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The TV told me endless reasons why almost every race has things to be proud of, and showed me endless examples of them being proud of their race. Some even get endorsed by government and get month long "pride" celebrations.

My society tells me that it's something to be proud of.

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lol, WTF!!!

This guy is extremely not proud of his race

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It’s worse than it seems. That much money is outrageous. There’s always legal aspects that lawyers convince jurors with. It’s still as simple as the title states

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Not only did they overthrow them, they took the whole family, kids and all, and shot them down in planned murder.

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That's funny that you think this is how he's being treated. Probably has a cozy life with everything made for him.

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Wow, they weren't even charging him for murder... and they still dropped the charges.....

The state and governor need to be sued and held responsible. It was their awful Wuhan Virus polices that put this young violent hateful insane man in a nursing home full of and designed for elderly people.

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