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"What do you mean you got LOST on the way to Mars?" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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You are plainly claiming that


Going to build some more windmills Quixote? Or would you like to read my comments instead of just imagining all the things I didn't actually say and then getting indignant?

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Just because you don't like the destination (I don't either) doesn't mean technology isn't progressing.

People have been predicting this one since computers were a thing, and technology has been PROGRESSING in that direction ever since.

Did somebody accidently leave the stupid jar open tonight?

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😂 You don't even know what I'm saying, but you'll try your hardest to look cool getting it wrong. Adios.

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I can see I'm wasting my time - your imagination will continue to rot in the gutter.

You can't even comprehend what I'm saying, can you, *homie *- too busy fighting an imagined phantom.

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Be sure to take Kushner with you.

Maybe someday Trump will stop dining with snakes that bite him. And I'm not talking about Kayne and Co.

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It is, by definition, progress.

You might not like where it is progressing to, but it's still progressing whether you want it or not.

I don't care about your nightmare hyperbole, I could conceive of ten of my own, each one a hundred times worse, but that doesn't make it any more relevant or accurate. I can think of many positive uses as well. There were people like you afraid of electricity and telephones and automobiles and printing presses. It's up to us to take technology and do something good with it - or are you like those leftists that blame the gun for the murder?

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Technological progress is going to happen.

I don't like it, but new technology always makes old people uncomfortable. Ultimately I'd rather have Musk develop it than Mark Zuckerberg or Google. And if there was someone even more trustworthy, I'd want them to be the ones to develop it too. This technology is coming, like it or not, and companies like Google ARE developing their own, and they WILL use it for evil if they make it first.

Governments will abuse it because governments abuse everything. Neuralink will be a tool just like anything else - maybe we should consider not having a government that will use everything against us. Maybe the problem is the government and the big corporations and not the tools and technologies...

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Coming soon to a patriots.win near you.

Or have you not noticed the sudden uptick in "deleted" comments with high numbers of upvotes?

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Did you check before saying it was false? What did you find?

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I remember him from Stargate SG-1, great villain, many clones, lots of puns on the name.

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Just because Rex translates to king doesn't mean other words can't also translate to king.

About 1300 words translate to "sword" in Latin.

I dont think the photographers were concerned about grammatical accuracy for their latin.

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Bill Clinton tests positive

Tell me something I don't know...

with covid


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Looks like someone hit a ((nerve))

Mods quick, delete this comment for having an opinion you don't like, just like on reddit.

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Deleted comment with high upvotes and you complaining... clearly something based was said.

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Grenel lost any respect I had when he started deliberately, in bad faith, misrepresenting what Barnett said so that Rino Oz could win the primary.

I don't take kindly to people lying to my face, no matter what their motivations might be.

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Conservatives never met an easy fight they couldn't loose by being retarded.

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We trusting anonymous sources now?

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These people have balls the size of watermelons.

I am honestly in awe of their bravery. If we had a fraction of that in the US, the world wouldn't be on fire right now.

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This sort of stuff is beneath Trump... or should be.

Somebody has clearly told Trump to throw Ye under the ((bus)) or else.

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Funny, but also implies that asking for the context when a jogger is shot is automatically racist.

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