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That was after your message and it's still not "anti-semitic". Banning me will only prove you're a shill who can't stand facts.

So why do you think facts about WW2 is "anti-semitic"? What specifically about the truth do you have a problem with?

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Hey why did you message me about "anti-semitism" being against the rules when I didn't say anything "anti-semitic"?

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These people get off on converting others, especially children who are held captive.

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They moved from the Frankfurt school to Columbia university. They got kicked out of Russia and Germany and moved to Brooklyn and LA. Now they have their agents like randi weingarten, head of the federation of teachers, pushing gender marxism, cultural marxism, and good old fashioned race marxism on your children.

They tell you Germany burned books but they never tell you it was from the Rothschild funded "institut fur sexualwissenshaft " which pushed pedophilia and genital mutilation on children.

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That's pretty accurate actually.

The claims go back to fundraising campaigns for jews in Russia. Many immigrants went to Germany where they were treated very well.


In fact here is an account from a whistleblower, a personal assistant of Samuel untermeyer, who says jews were treated better nowhere besides Germany. Once the bolsheviks took power in Russia they set their sights on Germany. It completely switched from Russia being the devil to Germany.

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The truth does not care about your ideology. Facts over feels, soyboy.

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"the Christians won't let us joos rape their children anymore, they're so hateful."

Tell me why you want to disarm Americans yet give American money and guns to occupied Palestine, you fucking shill.

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What do you mean "having the opposite effect"? You know that's bullshit right? You know the atf just banned half of all carbines making over 40 million+ felons overnight right?

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So you're arguement is "capitalism" therefore the government cannot be guilty of scheming to take away our rights while the government is also very publicly talk about their schemes to take away our rights?

What other hot takes you got ?

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What happened after the helicopter rides? The communists came back with a vengeance but this time actually had moral authority. Even the name "conservative" comes from the marxist idea that history "progresses " through stages. It's all part of their game. Stop playing it.

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Ajit Pai is a deep state tool. Typical fed so damn full of himself.

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This is called "repressive tolerance". These people are stupid enough to say "we must not tolerate the intolerant". Marxism is a cult

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They tell you Germany burned books but they never say it was from the Rothschild funded "institut fur sexualwissenshaft " that promoted pedophilia and genital mutilation of children, pioneering "gender reassignment surgery".

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Someone named (((olbermann))) calling people Nazis? Color me surprised.

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