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Ron Paul has been trying to warn and educate people about the federal reserve for decades. We need to end the Federal Reserve and remove the central bankers. They are guilty of treason for stealing an election.

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Always use Superstraight Pureblood for maximum REEEEEEEEEE and if the tosser is a pro vaxxer you must use the term Mudblood to piss them off even more. They make up faggot words like cis gendered, so we need to be using our BEST names to describe them as well

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I’ve found that not being diplomatic and having an unwavering set of morals is far superior. At least it has been at school board meetings. Think of the few politicians we do like. Are they known for being diplomatic, or for being a firebrand? You would be amazing fren 🐸

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I am from PA and I agree with this statement. All pumps in PA are self serve and far more expensive, because of state taxes. I always fill up in NJ before crossing back into PA

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Yeah, I wish PA had ID laws but the Democrat governor keeps vetoing any bill with voter ID

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I’m actually not sure he didn’t take California. At the very least it was a nail biter. Not the blue blow out they pretend happened

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🤣 I drive over or around Camden, I’m sure as hell not spending time in it. I’ve seen safer active war zones

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I wasn’t sure at first either, because of all the libtards, but the MAGA base hasn’t backed down. In NJ it’s much bigger than I realized. After a year, I am sure they stole it.

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And Biden promoted one to Admiral. “Dr” Richard Levine the pediatric psychologist, who is now in charge of the nation’s healthcare…. 😳

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That’s exactly why I post. Thanks fren 🐸

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🤣 right? Utter disgust that a man twice her size is playing in a woman’s contact sport

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I live in PA, which we all know they stole. The more time I spend in NJ it’s obvious that NJ went to Trump. I still see more Trump signs and stickers in NJ and Philly than Biden. BY A LOT. The cheating is massive and must date back decades. How much have they stolen from us?

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Fake. And Lynn de Rothschild spelled wrong. This Susan posts with zero fact checking ever

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Except for the final years of Woodrow Wilson, when he was a bedridden mess. His wife signed documents and stood in for him. Wilson’s 2nd term was right up there with the Brandon Administration

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I’m sorry you are a mudblood knob goblin. Be better.

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Scott goes to places we avoid (like inner city Baltimore) cleans up neighborhoods, signs up voters and gets people to join MAGA. He is kind, soft spoken and patient. Things people like me are not. It is nice to have people like him in our group to pull more into our circle. You should look up some of the things he has done, it is very interesting.

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If 10% had taken more actions we would be in control right now.

Trusting is stupid. Доверяй, но проверяй (Trust but verify) It is an old Russian saying. Never implicitly trust. Have a back up plan and take action.

You are right. How do we convince more people to take more actions?

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