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It’s (D)ifferent when they do it.

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Those teeth didn’t get stained for nothin’ 😱🤢🤮

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In the past they have given civilians this rank of 3 star to be surgeon general https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joycelyn_Elders

And the surgeon general does report to the asst Secretary of health, so if the asst Secretary of health is military they must be made a four star, But the asst sec of health isn’t given a rank if they are a civilian. This is just a way to openly shit on America again

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True but we prefer the admiral directs seaman, not gargle with them 😳👌

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We didn’t vote them in…. 😳

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Yeah, I can’t believe this chick with a dick won’t fucking go away.

The memes were spicy but Levine’s pictures are nightmare fuel 👌🤣

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It was Gov Tom Wolf, now I’m sure he is back with his high school sweetheart playing hide the salami again. His old high school flame(r) was General Milley.

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Fuck I thought this was that fat faggot midget General Milley. 👌😉

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Sharing a cell in hell with Songbird McCain 👌

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Luckily the liberals kids only go gay and stick it up the butthole, so no chance of them getting pregnant anyway. Unfortunately the barbarian hordes from Somalia and Afghanistan have 4 wives and are multiplying like bunnies.

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That’s spectacular. Some normies are finally waking the fuck up, and are finally ready to get red pilled.

There is 1/3 of the population that is permanently brainwashed and lost. We have to focus on the ones we can flip.

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🤣🤣🤣😂😂 KEK that is spicy fren.

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Fuck this is 🌶 Spicy 🌶 but so very true.

Say hi to Songbird McCain for us! 👋🤣

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She actually gave herself brain damage from the numerous overdoses she had from the drugs she was on.

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HAHAHAHA this will royally piss off the mudbloods. I want one for my truck 🤣

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A pop singer Demi Lovato. To be fair I thought she was shit before, but now the outside matches her inside.

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We all know the FBI, DOJ and FEC won’t do crap to Heels up Harris

Fucking Uniparty faggots get away with everything

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They used to punish criminals, drug dealers and murderers. Now they give them medals or a gold casket.

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Don’t be so simple minded. We all love Fuck Joe Biden. We love the chant when we can use it. When it is appropriate.

The issue is I can’t get that on a live TV shot. I can’t say that at a school board meeting. I can’t teach it to little kids.

Let’s go Brandon is good to use at those events we can not use the other AND when a normie asks who is Brandon, I get to show the video and show them the media openly lying. This has been an amazing red pill.

This is like telling me that my .22lr is useless and has no place because it doesn’t have the knockdown power of a .45 or the penetration power of a .30-06. Everything has a purpose.

I don’t want to see Brandon replace FJB, but I do see the times and places it can be used. BOTH have a purpose and if you see the Twitter post it uses BOTH because of that.

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