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Banning Pornography as censorship of free speech was an old argument the left used successfully to get that shit freely accessible when it shouldn’t have been. Like letting Hollywood do away with the Hayes code it has added nothing of value to anyone’s lives except the people who peddle and distribute that shit.

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Or pee in a gatorade bottle so your pick rate won’t be negatively effected.

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You know what the difference is between a hero and a monster? A hero has control over his darker impulses monsters do not.

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Going to need more then pray bud. But in all honesty Idaho isn’t any better big tech got it’s hooks sunk deep into Boise so careful what you wish for.

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Just like our founding fathers were time to embrace tradition.

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My Grandfather was dodging Uboats and luftwaffe in the North Sea delivering military supplies to the soviets. I feel ya.

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You need a new cardiologist my friend.

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That’s why women can’t be trusted with power. Women will submit themselves and others to incredible abuses to survive.

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Good portion of there best farmland was given to France and the land surrounding German city of Danzig was given to Poland.

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Zodiac killer and Paul lite can’t be bothered with any form of action other than words and finger wagging. Or else they will never be invited to anything by the left again.

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