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That's exactly why somebody shoud tweet this to Jim Carrey. He'll be stark raving mad.

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"Yes, I have a question...who should my process server deliver the summons to for my lawsuit against you for unlawful racial discrimination?"

by Partyot
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Is it really ignorance or is it hate? It seems to me that at least some of these morons actually know that they're wrong and go ahead with the narrative out of spite and hate. They play Russian roulette and they lose, bigly.

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He's a total anti-Trump snake. After he got banned off twitter, he went 100% anti-Trump to get back on social media. And he did get back as you can see.

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"I got an 8:30 rez at Dorsia...great sea urchin cevice."

Holy shit, someone actually started a restaurant named Dorsia:


Don't just stare at it, eat it!

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This bitch reminds me of when Saddam Hussein had a bunch of employees of a bombed-out factory wear uniforms that said "BABY MILK FACTORY". In Iraq.

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If tampering with an election is a state law, they can arrest anyone who tampers with an election. Feds are above the law only when the people allow them to be above the law.

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Never ate there, will never. I thought this was a joke for sure, until I scrolled down a little. Holy shit.

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The IG's phone better be lit up with white soldiers complaining about a hostile environment, or they are fucked.

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Only a year late. But at least a judge says all orders are now null void and without legal effect. Judges need to start saying that any new edicts "shall be ignored".

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This is only allowed in brown countries when brown people do it. Anything a person of any color in the US against the narrative is illegitimate.

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Judge Benitez...he's the only hard-core pro 2nd judge in CA. They're lucky to have him. Watch this closely when it goes to appeals.

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For the first time in their lives - after Trump was elected - the republican'ts actually had to WORK for their salaries. They would rather go back to destroying the country for a fat paycheck.

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Yes he did. And he also actively campaign against Trump at the convention. All he's doing is fundraising for himself.

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The boos are definitive proof that the only people left in the stands are shitlibs. Fuck BLM-MLB.

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As cucked as the Daily called has become, good for them for taking legal action. People need to sue these assbitches at the drop of a hat.

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