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Because he's a cuck. Just like when Sean Penn destroyed his gun collection to please Charlize, then she dumped him immediately after.

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Just looking at it makes my shoulder hurt.

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My God, we are literally living Fahrenheit 451.

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Yes. A lot of people think that we can't fight culture wars on more than one front at a time, but we can. The globalists, are, by definition, global. And in order to fight them, we ALSO need to be global. The US never would have existed without allies, a lot of people don't know that. And we can't continue to exist without allies either.

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The problem is, this is happening on a global scale.

This generation of woketards will usher in the greatest, most horrifying loss of history and knowledge since the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

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Here is the most complete video of the encounter, from 2 angles:


People were asking if it was fake or not because it looked to much like a setup. There are going to be a lot of questions that need to be answered.

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Send him the addresses of some democrat politicians.

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He knows what he's doing. And he needs to pay.

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But Trump should immediately issue a press release saying that Biden said the "N" word, and force the media to defend its use.

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Lol DO NOT QUIT, even if you stand to lose $500k by being fired and spend $500k on some scheister lawyer over the next 6 years getting it back! #1 is a one-size fits all step like "get the vaccine". Of course, the people who stand to lose a bunch of money are smart enough to know better. One thing about bad advice on a forum is the person giving bad advice will never have to pay up when shit goes sideways.

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Not a vaccine and not safe and effective. Unless by "effective" you mean effective at killing people.

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Fake Fox news goes one step further and calls him "the lone survivor".

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