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Kanye West’s gospel album was actually really good, I think.

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Probably, it’s a bunch on there, definitely some I’ve seen here. Nice that they’re all on one page though.

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Is it hard to be such an asshole and a moron? Do you practice at it daily, or does it just come naturally? I see you’re also a piece of shit; does that help, or is it just a parallel talent?

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How many can I feed to lions?

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So you never want to accept new converts? Only the ones that supported him from day 1?

This movement will stagnate because no new blood, and then die as the OG supporters move on or die out.

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Except that Beck has said that these people shouldn’t be coming to America and is flying them elsewhere.

Good point you made, except for the whole thing about it not being true.

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No, Glenn apologized on the air and became one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

Here’s a link to one of many instances where he owned up to it and said Trump was the leader.


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Chesty Puller and Admiral Nimitz would like to knife hand Milley right about now.

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It’s on there. Dems are hung like Tic Tacs.

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Beck has been Pro-Trump since about 6 months in. He apologized on the air and said he was wrong about Trump, then became a major supporter.

You’re either incredibly wrong or purposely lying.

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Just in case anyone wanted to give her a ringy-ring.

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Absolute disaster.

And now watch our boys start dying too because we fucked it up so bad.

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Brutal opening paragraph:

“Joe Biden might just have secured his place as the most incompetent president of the United States in history, but Nancy Pelosi long ago secured her place as the most purposely divisive, partisan political hack to ever wield the Speaker’s gavel.”

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