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The replacement migration is real but these numbers are bullshit. Just have a quick look at the data from the Office of National Statistics. There is no need to exagerate this problem, which is already a real challenge for the UK and Europe.

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You mean, THE Alan Dershowitz who publicly said he didn't vote for Donald Trump in 2016 or in 2020, and who has been on Jeffrey Epstein's island?
I couldn't care less about anything this guy says...

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Just declare that you self identify as a disabled person by being white. Their heads will explode because of the cognitive dissonance between their own projected fantasies and the consequences that arise from them.

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These are no real cops. They are crisis actors. Even the worst real cop would NEVER hold his rifle like that.

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You don't get it. The Dems are purging the military from those who don't follow them blindly. That's us, the patriots. They know the Great Civil War is coming and they don't want any true patriots to be in charge of any military assets.

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From the Daily Herald:

According to Will County court records, Samaan was charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery and accused of hitting a police officer and a person older than 60 "about the body with a baseball bat" on New Year's Eve 2021. He also was charged with two counts of domestic battery in that incident. His next court date was July 7.

In April, Samaan's application to a mental health court program was denied. Court records do not indicate a reason.

In a prior case, he was charged with misdemeanor assault, accused of threatening to kill someone and taking a step toward that person on New Year's Eve in 2019, according to court records.

In April 2021, Samaan pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to a year of court supervision. As part of the agreement, Samaan was to show proof of continued mental health treatment.

Samaan did not show up at his next two court dates.

Prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his court supervision in April, citing the new charges stemming from the New Year's Eve incident in 2021 and noting that Samaan had not yet provided proof of continued mental health care. Then in May, when the case was up for a status hearing, Samaan appeared in court with his attorney.

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Barely a barbecue.

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She will defend herself by saying her husband was wearing a MAGA heat, poured some bleach on her, and then tied a noose around her neck.

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