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Do yourself a favor and take a trip to Japan and check out the ham radio stores in the Akhibara electronics district in Tokyo. It's so amazing.

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The Elecraft KX3 if you don't know CW yet and need voice.

There are lots of options for HF CW QRP transceivers that will fit in your hand. Check out WG0AT's youtube channel.

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Check out the tiny transceivers that the SOTA guys use in their YouTube videos.

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IC-7100 is a great radio and a solid recommendation. I recommended the KX3 for portability because our pede friend sounded like he was in a SHTF planning mentality, but if you can count on good electricity, this is an excellent choice. +1 for direwolf too. It outperforms just about any piece of hardware.

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Extra class hampede here. The ideal transceiver for this is the Elecraft KX3. You can run it off a battery or a power supply. You can build your own antenna (research what the SOTA folks are doing) or you can get a ready-made portable kit like the Buddipole.

The KX3 can be purchased assembled or as a DIY kit.


If you know CW, there are also many QRP setups that are tiny and very portable and affordable.

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These guys will be found beheaded in an irrigation ditch outside of Tijuana tomorrow.

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Sopes, tlayudas, tortas, and even a few molcajetes!

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It's a campaign honeypot. Respond to this and you will get endless fundraising text messages from every dem candidate in America.

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She's not "staring at her notes". She's staring at an iPad, probably running Slack. I believe that someone is feeding answers to her in real time and she reads them verbatim.

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There are plenty of great Texas towns to check out before you leave. Head southwest, my man.

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Hey, if this keeps the gays from surrogate-breeding real children, I'm all for it.

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Love Aceman but look what the faggot lackeys were posting on ACS twitter yesterday:


They can get fucked.

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Came hoping for this comment and glad I found it. Fuck dams. Dams are just another green energy gambit that ends up messing up nature more than the alternatives to them. Their usefulness is finite, as they eventually silt up. The river loses its natural flood state and the dam deprives downstream land from being renewed by the silt from the occasional flood. As you pointed out, the effect on fisheries is disastrous.

By the way, I see "conservation" as a keystone of being a conservative. I like my beautiful country and I love wild places. This is what the city people will never understand. Most conservatives from the country have a huge respect for the environment and don't like seeing it messed up.

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Don’t give phones to your kids without locking them down first. Apple, for all of their failings, makes pretty decent protection controls for parents. Don’t let them install these shitty apps.

Use a Pi-Hole to block TikTok on your home network. Awesome side effect: it will greatly reduce the number of ads you see on your phone and computers. https://pi-hole.net/

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Is that a Lindsey Graham vulture?

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Once in a while, he has some juicy tweet but 99% of the time, it's clickbait bullshit, crap to get your pulse up, bad takes, etc. I don't know what some people see in him.

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Veritas always uses girls to expose these incel nerd leftists. They probably meet them on dating apps and do research to find the juicy targets. I'm sure it's trivial once they find one because none of these guys will ever turn down a date with a marginally cute female.

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And four mules and a Wells Fargo wagon.

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