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You keep quoting the Jews who perpetuate the lie. If my entire country and basis for keeping it was based on a lie, Then perpetuating the lie becomes crucial.

From 1938 to 1945 how many Jews would have to be killed a day? Just to reach you number? How many at each death camp? How would they dispose of the bodies?

So, brain dead fuckwit : where the fuck are all of those bodies?

How is it we can account for all of the civilians in major cities that died but magically cannot find those bodies?

Do you fail Occam’s razor?

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Ahem a 5.4 drop. 10% is not a trivial amount.

Also, your sources don’t have any counter data. Just ‘adjustments’. Reading comprehension and all.

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Yes. But that is because they are ruled by fear. So no matter how we act, we must become what they fear.

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Wait, so your own citations prove my point that 6 million is an overblown number?

Wow, nice! Thanks for admitting it!

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Fine faggot: https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=85432

Oh look Jewish population went up from 1930 to 1948. Bit somehow losing 6 million didn’t put a dent in the population growth.

Why is calling the commies from then the Bolsheviks? Because they were the ones running the core of the red revolution.

Do I forget all the non Jews from ww2? No, I just want to point out using the Jews as an argument like you originally did proves my point. You are mental gymnastics on this worse than a CNN watching covidiot.

Why is it in all of the places that had massive piles of bodies non of them were circumcised? You might say oh it was the Christians that died in those death camps. But those are the same death camps that were said to be the points of mass Jewish slaughter.

Even Rabbis are calling out the number of 6 million preposterous: https://www.timesofisrael.com/ny-rabbi-not-even-1-million-jews-killed-in-holocaust/

Am I saying no one died in the “Holocaust”: no. I am saying it is a piss poor comparison since it wasn’t even in the 1955 Encyclopedia Britannia as a historical event.

He’ll even your Hitler quote is out of context: https://www.learnreligions.com/adolf-hitler-on-christianity-quotes-248190

He was saying that Christianity that compromised with atheists or Jews was that. A mockery of the divine. With proof of churches bowing to Muslims and LGBTQAIP+ I have to agree with him on this. It isn’t sticking true to the word of God but turning into preaching satanism.

So back to the original argument: 6 millions Jews did not die in the death camps. How can we prove this.? Because the people screaming it happened haven’t ever been able to produce the bodies and whenever they are called out on it, or say a scientist goes to check for it with ground penetrating radar? They cover it up with concrete to hide any further investigation.

As I said, the amount dead in the Holocaust is not 6 million. You can not prove it, because it has no evidence to back it up. Take your jab and keep swallowing the Jew fear mongering brainwashing.

Because COVID is just more of what they have been pushing for other items and it is only a matter of time before more people catch on.

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Where’s your proof of the population decrease of jews by that much?

I’ll wait. And I mean proof, not claims with the magic 6 million number.

Quick edit: funny your quote regarding the extermination camps proves my point. Those are the ones the soviets got through, not the allies. Keep proving my point why don’t you. I mean, its not like the bolsheviks orchestrated the slaughter of millions of Christians and lied to cover it up. They would never lie or stage photos to make someone else seem like the bad guy. Nope, never.

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First ask “why are all of the death camps the ones that weren’t inspected by the allies?”

Then ask “why did the total population of Jews during ww2 in Europe go up?”

Find those answers and you too may one day become redpilled.

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Your definition of documented is worse than the proof the vaccine works.

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Oh guess someone also doesn’t know that the X character in Greek is pronounced as ‘kris’. Man wouldn’t education and studying of a Bible help you out just a bit.

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Xmas is from the Greek spelling of Christ. Which starts with an X. Instead of hating on the abbreviation learn the history and suddenly it is a mark of respecting the history of Christianity and honoring our Lord and Savior.

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His lawyers should file that the ruling in Rittenhouse’s trial makes his case a directed verdict .

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Oh thank God Trump is waking up that the dems don’t want us to be united and calling it out.

We need America First Americans. Not traitors.

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Oh one of (((them))) happy that White people died. Imagine my shock.

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Try living in NY or MA. 11 rounds is a crime. 11.

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Kentucky gives us Rand Paul and… turtle.

Seriously thinking of moving to Kentucky to try and primary the turtle traitor.

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