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Forcefully protecting the border from a bunch of mexicans is a FUCK of a lot easier than seceding. But why don't you?

Because the US military would kill you. The end. There's no point in your secession fantasy.

When you can successfully go toe-to-toe with a bunch of pregnant teens and fat gardeners, I'll listen to your "I'll take on the most powerful military in the world with my 11 rounds and two plastic rifles" bullshit.

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If you think you can secede - man the border.

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Yeah. Sure. Right.

It's not like a bunch of penniless child rapists could invade. Millions of armed Patriots wouldn't stand for that!

Then why are you spread eagle on the ground goatseing for Pelosi's National Police?

Because a bunch of "armed Patriots" aren't gonna do shit but have wet dreams about a daddy government they like saving them.

Grow up QFag.

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Are they trying to drive up aspirin sales????

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The problem is that you're a fucking moron if you think a single word of that. California alone would destroy Texas in a standup fight. Not that that would happen.

Nor are bluehaireds going to be driving up to your dumbass. It's millions of more invaders from Mexico, Afghanistan, and China. And it would be trivial to better arm them than you.

You're an absolute fucking moron for writing a single word of that drivel. What an idiot.

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The citizens of the Red States saying they want to secede.

If it doesn't require the rest of the union, why require the majority of the people in the region? Just seceded.

Do it. Do a secession. Ready, set, FAGGOTRY!!!!!

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It doesn't though. This "study" is bullshit, and there's no reason to expect we'll ever find out exactly how. Science is dead.

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Wow. I wish I was on whatever you're on.

Do you know what secession requires? A constitutional amendment. But I forgot! In your head, the Civil War never happened, and it did happen, and the secessionists one, and I guess like... Lin Wood nukes Congress?

I can't even imagine what you think is going. I very rarely have to say that literally. But I really can't imagine how disconnected from reality you are.

We have a better chance of emigrating to a smaller country and taking it over, then secession. Loooooool.

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I truly don't think anything short of eliminating all Demoncrap voters will change anything.

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OH MY GOD lol. You want to "trigger secession"? What are you waiting for? If you think that can work, the time was November 2nd, 2020.

Go. Do it. Secede.

I can't wait to see a tranny squad to murder you.

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I haven't read any stories about Patriots slaughtering joblots of invaders.

So, my prediction is that America falls, we all die, and no one remembers we ever existed. It's just Mexico and white slaves from sea to shining sea.

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They literally can't do anything, unless the SCOTUS reverses the doctrine that States can't enforce Federal Law.

Or the Army will lovingly murder them all.

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Please, PLEASE, move all the blacks from Chicago to Wakanda.

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Wait wait WAIT!!!!

So diversity hires DO have a purpose? Will wonder never cease!

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Once it happens, target anyone standing in the "Gene Modded" bread-line. Make people terrified to admit they've been modified.

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Don't target them - go for anyone standing in the "Gene Modded" line. Make people terrified to admit they've been modified.

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Yeah but then men game devs get pussywhipped and ruin gaming.

SHA MAT!!!!!

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The thing that makes them related, is having been educated and ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Germans, and English.

What makes them related, is thousands of years of close contact and exchange, including a long history of intermarriage.

That does not make them utterly unique or irreplaceable. But there's no sense in denying the reality of that background, what it has achieved, or what its current suicidal tendencies will achieve.

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