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Used to be under the Kids section on OnlyFans. Not sure now.

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Wait, did....did the government throw a bunch of money around...and now they can't account for a huge amount of it?

This is unprecedented. I have lost the ability to even.

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It might carry a smidge more weight if you wait until some time after the protest is meant to actually start to post a picture of the thin crowd.

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Worst false equivalence in existence, even given a charitable reading of your "spinny ball something water gorillion mph lol" statement yet again.

Clot pushers are very clearly politically motivated. Try to find a political motivation for saying "physics is real and gravity is a thing."

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There should be a separate verification mark for people who have ever willingly tossed the salad of a man more than twice their age.

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Boomers worked hard to create America as you see it today.

walk up to them and thank them


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If I received that, the Christmas lights on my house would be visible from the moon the next day.

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I like how "indigenous" just means "whoever were the last people here who weren't white."

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There's the rub. You have zero understanding of science. It explains a lot.

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Back from vacation from retarded posts, huh? That's fine, I'm still good to go.

If the horizon were due to nothing but the atmosphere, then going to a higher elevation should not increase how far you can see, but should actually decrease it. Is this one of your observations?

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"give prayerful consideration" = "ask the WEF if they'll give it to me"

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If trans women were women, you wouldn't have to say "trans women."

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"women's options abortionist" = viable baby killer
"harm reduction" = drug addict enabling

I don't celebrate deaths, but there are varying degrees of caring. This one doesn't move the needle.

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Not sure why he would so drastically lowball the proportion of politicians who need to be flushed.

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Of course it's a Coulter.

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Seems to be par for the course. It was not long after the Civil Rights Act in the 60s that they had a "revelation" and decided that black skin was no longer the curse of Cain. Purely by coincidence.

It's the mark of a good church, you know - its ability to rise above the popular politics of the day.

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They can call it whatever they want, it's another Globalist of the Year award.

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