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He’s not calling for a civil war if that’s what you’re getting at.

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This is the top comment in this thread what are you talking about

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The average gay man has 1000 sexual partners in his life. They are turbo degenerates and this one probably isn’t an exception

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Uh no, I spent months in Brazil this year. It is not remotely the same or even close by any metric. That is patently false. They spent 14 years under these shitheads and their country was shipwrecked, and they all know what comes next.

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Haha I got banned after doing some quality shaming. Fucking murderous cunts

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Mmmm not so sure about that. They are a lot closer to poverty and have way less to lose.

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If you have not realized you were scammed by now then you’re full blown retarded. There is no Q. There is no plan to trust. No watermarks, no servers in Germany , no patriots in control. It’s a fucking psyop dude. Stop

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You’re both right.

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Maybe true for literal hard physical labor. If you can provide value to the world in a way that doesn't involve actual hard labor, which by the way limits your maximum income to something like $200k/yr, there is no excuse to be spending such a miniscule amount of time on producing value for yourself and your family.

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You seem to be thinking physical work, which is an extremely narrow understanding of the concept of generating value. Work is generating value. Productive activities. You can do that with your hands, or your brain, or by managing people, or by employing people. It is now 12:35pm CST and I am have been focused on strictly value-adding activities with short breaks for human necessities. I have 2 more to go before I break for an hour or two, and then I will get a few bonus hours after that. I work every day of the week to some extent, usually less on weekends. I check this site or twitter for 5 or 10 minutes periodically. You only have one life man, you can cut out the sportsball and horseshit and spend your time generating value for the world.. watch how things change for you.

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I got up at 4:15 today and started my day with a great workout. I had a delicious home cooked breakfast, kissed my beautiful wife goodbye, and I'm now at the office of one of the companies I own. I will return home about 2:30, take a short break, and work on personal projects and other businesses until about 6:30. Family time and then bed. I am in peak shape of my life and have 8 figures wealth in the bank before 40. All 100% true. Shlub talk is for losers. Get in there.

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Hahaha what a conniving slut. Oh well I made some noises while his penis was inside me but it was totally gross so it was like, rape, for sure.

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I did miss that. Nice

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Not feminist. Female supremacist. Nothing feminine about them.

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Fuck off Astroturfer we’re not going to choose the guy with a $200mm war chest from megacorps. We’re not going back to GOPe even if it’s wearing a MAGA suit

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