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I’m so, so sorry. I can’t imagine and I wish nothing but love and mental peace for you and your family.

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These judges and prosecutors and all their lackeys are betting mighty large that they’ll be somewhere out of the chaos if the armed populace ever finally loses patience with this absolutely corrupt joke of a political and legal system.

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Shutting down Reddit would be fucking hilarious. Go outside you loser retards

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Fucking dumbass could have been VP and a lock for 28. We told you Ron

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Oh man if ever there was someone who deserved to be convicted of war crimes and legally executed, Turdblossom is a strong contender

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Agreed on all except that there is a bottom value that SF will ever be worth even if it is a dangerous shit hole. It is a beautiful place in a prime location, very much unlike Detroit. Chicago is the next Detroit.

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Liberalism is a spoiled feminine mentality that can only exist when you have known nothing but riches and safety brought by generations of labor of decent men.

Little idiot bitch man. Too bad it wasn’t him that the mob of feral blacks obliterated

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All their retarded plans have failed. They look like lunatics. They can’t push any harder without forcing a civil war and they don’t have a candidate for ‘24. If they steal ‘24, ok, it’s over. But at this point things are going the right way politically, while our country is being raped unfortunately

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I would have preferred he cross the rubicon too but the situation will be infinitely better if we can just stay the course we are on and re assume power legally. We are grinding them down and winning right now. Their insane plans and ideology are failing. Stay the course.

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I don’t know man, this is not going according to plan for them. I think they have to be panicking.

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Well, I don’t know who he is but he’s going into the woodchipper

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