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Your title isn't correct. 22 states' board associations have punted the national school board (NSBA).

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Dominion says -5 out of 3 Biden voters.

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Or if you're going to do it, be constructive about how you do.

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I don't even feel bad about not watching it.

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There is no way Joe has 38% approval right now. No. Fucking. Way.

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Genius, if so. Promises months of fun.

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Sounds like the real secret is to stay the fuck away from dating apps that attract these women.

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This one goes out to all my quadrapeds who identify as puppies!

This world of ours is full of tyrants

But must I be between

Xi or Fauci science?

Ain't no options

this sand ain't moist

My throat, no sound

Cut vocal chords,

now a metaphorical voice

(Spoken) Sometimes, I do a soundless voice for my lab tech

Please, don't tell me

The lab tech can't hear that

(Chorus) Cause my puppy voice

Is so, oh, oh, oh

Much more than

... ... ... ...

It ain't evolution, these tests are new

Guess there's nothing taboo

about a sand flea stew

Just add salt or Wuhan flu

Fauci treasure

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Yup, state-run crypto incoming.

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Yes, but were they diverse and super-duper respectful of mentally ill men who want to be accepted as women? Because that's what's really important.

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So they're going to cause massive "stolen identity" and "financial account" hacking events on a scale not seen before, courtesy of the personal data they have broad access to, of course.

And then they'll claim the need to control everyone's computer/Internet.

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Fucking kiwis need to get their shit together.

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Also all the people he's effectively murdered. That too.

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Who are you kidding? Power795 is probably a card carrying member of a muslim rape gang.

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