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Unless Spain is planning on building a lot of additional LNG storage facilities to store gas, limiting supply in the summertime will accomplish nothing. What they are saying is that they expect Russia will cut off supply. When that happens they are screwed no matter what they do now or later.

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House prices will fall due to the recession and the stagflation we are seeing, but they won't fall far or for very long. This is because the subprime market is not the huge threat it used to be to the securities markets. Also, we don't have the speculative bubble in the housing market like we had prior to 2007. And lastly, there is not now, and there won't be excess inventory to drive down prices. This is because people's mobility is reduced in a recession causing people to stay planted, meaning fewer houses for sale. And any housing that does reach the market, companies like Blackrock and others are primed with gigantic investment vehicles to vacuum up any excess inventory as soon as the recession forces prices down. The downturn in the housing market is symptomatic of a recession but it's not going to be a housing price crash.

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The downturn in ecommerce was obvious 10 months ago when Amazon stopped building warehouses and didn't open the ones it had already built.

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Hurricane Andrew, the first hurricane of the year in 1992 hit Homestead and Miami, Florida on August 24, 1992. Just give it a month or so.

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Nice photoshop. Now lets see the real head.

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Bullshit title for the post. The 17-18 million was frozen by the government. He only got paid $350k, told investors he wasn't getting paid, and didn't report the income on his taxes. Not much of a scam as far as financial scams go.

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Why the safe spaces, and support, and feelings, and time to process....? It's not like somebody was dismembered and killed and their body parts sold on a black medical market or anything.

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Bigger balls than any other politician today.....except Trump.

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Seems like she should be the one switching parties and not the democratic voters in Wyoming...

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The plan to reduce America's standard of living and bring it to third world levels continues....

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No freaking way this 300+lb person got into this position by itself. Four people (one on each side) had to pose this thing for the photo.

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Ray's performance in the ER episode "Time of Death" for which he won an Emmy is one of the greatest things I've ever seen on television, ever. I didn't know who he was prior to that but have seen everything he has done since.

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Millions......less the 25+% that are bots.

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