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Based Grammy. It shouldn't be left to her to carry the weight. We outta be ashamed.

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There is no longer a "safest option" for them. Trump and the patriots have their number.

"This is not just another four year election..."

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That's not a denial. (I know how you "people" work). Keep coming. I'm armoured.

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They are the tools of the international cabal. Nothing more. Let's not compliment them.

This isn't even their scheme. They have neither the brains nor the brawn.

The Uniparty sucks Globalist cock by choice. Imagine doing it by choice?

These cunts will have to shoot me in the head. I will not comply. I will not shame my ancestors like that.

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Whenever you see "honesty and integrity" written down, take note.

I, and everyone belonging to me, conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.

It's such a given, based upon our upbringing, that we never feel the need to stipulate it.

Funny how that goes.

But if someone states "There will be no raping involved" I start looking out for rapists.

SPEZ: Plus the "deadly force". Comical if it weren't so serious.

"Are you willing to use deadly force to enact tax laws?" Thank God I'm a Christian.

SUPERSPEZ: Fucking right there will be life threating situations on this job.


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Sometimes I think the human race is asking for it. The insanity (climate change, Covid vaccines, 20th century history etc etc etc) that has been accepted as NORMAL?

What will become of us? A worldwide realignment of knowledge, not propaganda, is needed IMO.

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You are in part of a thread that (wisely) recommended not talking to the police.

You threw yourself in there, badly advising fellow pedes that "sometimes" it's okay.

It is never okay. Get a lawyer and ask them the best course. As is your RIGHT.

You are a cop or a shill cunt. Want to go again?

Moron. (At best).

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"Lying to a Fed" is a crime...BASED ON THEIR NOTES! Not even on audio or video recordings.

The fact they choose "recollected notes" over audio and video in the 21st century PROVES it's a scam. Shut your fucking mouth and say nothing...AND I MEAN N.O.T.H.I.N.G until you have consulted a lawyer.

It's your legal right. (For now).

Open your dumb cockholster at your own peril.

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Moron. What part of DON'T TALK TO THE COPS don't you understand?

All conversations are grist for their mill. ALL OF THEM. Just say fuck all. Go through a lawyer.

Unless you want to plead guilty, because you are guilty. Then talk all you want.

SPEZ: But if that's the case...still get a lawyer first. Then talk all you want. What's your rush?

GET A LAWYER. BETTER CALL SAUL is not just a show or a meme. It's a fact.

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Great video! Watched it more than once. People don't understand their rights.

Here's the 101: DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE.

Innocence is irrelevant.

Just don't talk to the fucking police. Get a lawyer and follow legal advice.

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"It wasn't a raid, Drumpftard! Just a regular execution of a warrant!"

"Can we see the warrant?"


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That was my assumption also. But it's such a bad look. I want to believe they're on the ropes if they have to pull optically terrible moves like this.

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The judge is from Florida so they likely needed an in-state judge.

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Of all the judges they could have picked to sign off on the warrant, they picked this guy?

Stinks of desperation.

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They're praising the most low, not the most high. Demons indeed.

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You'll have to be more specific. I see two cunts here.

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