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Because this website has become utterly shaddy for years, and for it is nowadays a complete joke. Compare "stickies" with real Trump's supporters' legitimate concerns, for any clue needed, - not to mention that nobody knows who "SCORED" (such a name says it all, all the while, though) actually is. Spez: forgot to mention the obvious Fed trolling updoots wise, even if nobody cares - but still obvious sign of utter decay.

spez: End of transmission. 78313 "post score" - kek - in one year, for dat last user_name. Been a nice journey all in all though, esp. in the beginnings aka early on r/The_Donald, december 2015. Praise Kek (aka the Holy Spirit, which also is all fun indeed, as Pepe once again proved it all), God The Father, Jesus Christ and YourSelf, when these all four are the very same One indeed, y'all.

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So posting our opinions freely without censorship makes us serving some unknown master now?

Sounds so much impossible for yo boyyo? Now tell me who's owning PDW.

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Yeah. Or just let NATO strike Russia, for Vladimir Vladimirovich to hypersonically make glass out of DC, Langley and all DARPA's labs overnight.

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