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Well, they ain't exactly sending their brightest

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Fucking retard

We shouldn't believe our own collective life experience and expertise and should instead believe your opinion.......


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Stoning for weed possession?

Fuck these cavemen.....

It's funny that they have a good PR person, but that doesn't make them any less of fucking wild animals......

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Just to be clear - newspunch is a fucking garbage source for anything

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Because they don't want based..... They want socialism.....

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But the media isn't silent about it......

We can't just say that and then suddenly it's true

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It's a palm print versus your fingerprint, so if you've ever given your fingerprints anywhere throughout your whole life, then I don't see how this is much different

Unless you pay 100% cash everywhere you go and somehow hide your identity from all cameras, then it's not like this is giving them any more personal information about your identity then everything else already does

It's still stupid though

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No shit!

Talk about having no dog in this fight....

I don't know who this man is, but I'm definitely an admirer now.

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What do you mean trusting him? not a single one of those picks could get through if the uniparty didn't vote on them to get through, so Trump didn't get to pick anyone and the few times he did try to pick someone himself they were denied and didn't make it through confirmation hearings........

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Unless I'm missing something here this is just a motion to try to compel the government to answer the questions and give up the information, but I don't see anywhere in that particular page where it actually shows any proof or even makes a direct claim.......

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Go figure

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I told you

Told you all the day he made his first announcement that this is exactly what he was hoping for

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I hope i get what you're saying, but you sure do seem to be teetering on the edge of some sovereign citizen horseshit there

Edit -- when you start going on about the "right to travel"....... That is literally a fucking sovereign citizen buzz-phrase......

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There is a difference between a great leader and a guy who obviously does whatever he thinks will please the crowd enough to get him reelected again.......

The latter is the same fake bullshit politicians we've had for decades, who always seem great during election cycles

I want the guy who's not afraid to speak his mind 24/7, election or no election......

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Then why the fuck is he a pussy who will only say it behind closed doors to private donors?????

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Lol, just a handshake faggot doing handshake faggot things

OP furiously pisses me off with some of their posts, but on the other hand they are one of the single most active members here and have contributed a very huge percentage of the posts put on this website

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Are you blind and deaf or is it just some sort of reading comprehension issue?

There's a faggot group that goes around here doing nothing but promoting to Desantis over Trump.....

So are you just purposely ignoring it or are you just actually retarded?

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I'm pretty sure he also told them to go home and not do exactly what they were doing.........

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Did you not click the link above?

These have been recognized pedo symbols for decades......

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