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Does she represent the majority?

Yeah she does you fucking cunt. And we know it. Because we have all the evidence that resides in objective reality. The make believe universe you come from doesn't mean shit.

Arizona was border to border Trump flags. The largest rallies in Arizona political history were held there by President Trump. Many of the largest rallies in American history were held there by President Trump.

There is no evidence to the contrary. There is no evidence that Biden won. Only that there was massive cheating and that there still is. There is absolutely a consensus among our base that you're full of shit.

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And that is why we call the corporate system that claims it is the "mainstream media" the Enemy of the People.

Bastards sold their entire nation out.

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No she doesn't but the weapons dealer you gave to Russia during this war you started is definitely a problem for us.

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Democratic National Committee surrogate "The Washington Post" loses 500,000 subscribers

I wish we would start being honest in the headlines...

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Holy shit this is savage. Listen to his voice cracking. He knew he was fucked.

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It's one thing to push some bullshit litmus test like your accusation here and it's an entire other to actively work against the President and his interests. And with your ass doing this relatively consistently on multiple accounts I am sitting here baffled as to why the team here tolerates it.

After that idgaf about your brainlet commentary after your rat behavior. Trump isn't a politician. He is a goddamn hero and an adversary to those who are in it for themselves and hostile adversaries. He's our leader, we elected him, we hired him, we can fire him, but he's still the boss. Fuck you.

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I mean the Saudis are. They have the regime by the ladyballs and they know it. Russia has been going around telling every nation we're coming to transition their children and cut of their parts. Move to their gold backed rubles system, get access to their insanely vast amount of undeveloped resources, and abandon the petrodollar.

That's what I meant. They're (Saudis and UAE) shitting on us.

Losing the Saudis is the end of the American empire. Which is why I want Trump in charge to see us through it and negotiate for us. Instead of these WEF pricks working against us.

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During the war. Not after. During.

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Why would you vote in a fixed election????

Just said he wasn't doing this. So here it is.

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If you/we don't fix the vote then voting is a waste of time.

Is this not exactly what you meant? I get that fixing the vote needs to be a priority.

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Fix the process

How are you helping here?

I'm working on business stuff right now. Mostly outreach to loyal American companies and considering some career moves. This would enable us to offer people who need it services that align with their values. We can also go further in organizing resistance movements in some of the compromised regions of our nation.

stay home if you live in a rigged county

No. We aren't going to do that. I have no fucking idea why a supporter would encourage such a thing. Are you on drugs? If the one and only action someone can take is show up to vote for their representative, I want them to do just that.

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President Trump said they came to terms. I find that interesting but I have yet to see this materialize. McCarthy is less-than-inspiring. His strategies are flops. Better than McConnel who is openly operating against his own party while claiming its crown. But we have a leader, and everyone knows it - no matter how much money they give the liberals to tell us otherwise.

So what good is McCarthy? His first agenda is Afghanistan. Which, as angry and hurt as Americans are, is not the priority. Our priority uniformly is the protection of children and the vote. Afghanistan is a side show compared to this real and ongoing threat.

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Voting is the least important of all the critical actions we must take. However, importantly: it is the lynch pin of all of our combined efforts. Anyone who acts against our voting efforts is acting against us.

Get involved in your local apparatus or go further to the areas where you are needed most. There will be resources available for you to jump into the fight directly posted here more often. Look out for these and get involved.

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They mean the ones that took back the house. Not the ones disenfranchised by your people.

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Over half the nation knows the electoral system is fucked. They address this or they address no one.

Congressional show trials won't save you, GOP.

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Displaying fetishism in front of people isn't acceptable and no amount of propaganda will make it acceptable. Using fetishism as a weapon against those you swore an oath to should have extreme consequences. I am not talking about this mentally ill individual. I am talking about his enablers.

Prison. All of them.

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Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

They had NONE of this. None of it. These are not erroneous employees of the state these are oathbreakers and authoritarian monsters.

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