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Yeah the terrorist attack on that killed those children at a Christmas parade really fucked up this plan. Don Lemon must be seething.

Traitors. All of them.

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Yeah totally the same thing, fucking nitwit level response.

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What do you mean WTAF? Reddit is not an American company and it does not have an American userbase. There is a large population of Americans there which is the point of the rest. We are certain the corporate board room is guilty of sedition if not outright treason.

We know this as they take money from foreign adversaries.

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The Proud Boys actively recruits anyone including darker skinned people. Many of those dark skinned people have been viciously attacked by whites on the left. Patriot Front is an attempt to associate fascism with patriotism. They have a FASCES on their FUCKING FLAG asshole.

Do you rejects understand how badly you fucked up by doing this? Do you not understand that you had ALREADY crossed the Red Line by painting our WAR VETERANS as NAZIS in the first place?

Distance yourself from this project while you still have time.

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He already came out against mandates. He is not going to "come out against the injection". It is both unfair and dishonest of Alex to push this out this way.

It would make more sense to demand the President come out strong against not only the mandates but the corruption surrounding them.

So what is Alex really doing here?

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They will own no one. And they will be unhappy.

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Their antifa operation kicked off pretty well. Clearly they thought they could do it again. Except they can't. As they've run right up against the President's men.

Tough shit, assholes. Fuck you for betraying us. Really.

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Everyone's money loses value during this. Including the business and the customers. What blows my mind most of all is how the Federal Reserve has maneuvered the cost of living out of the discussion. For decades, and even after Ron Paul called them out on national stage twice.

Think about that. The most simple truth is ignored. Not only that the cost of living increases because more money is created. But that those who get to use that money first benefit the most.

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Every fucking time someone wants to organize, some people come out of the woodworks calling everything glowie.

I love this argument. It's one of the best of the dumb fuckistan things you idiots try out here. While trying to promote your failed attempt to setup a 2nd branch of antifa you can control, you bitch at us for not participating.

Expecting us to ignore that the President himself would want nothing to do with this group if it was legitimate. Or to believe that any supporter of America and its Constitution would want to associate with these fucking morons.

Fuck you for both things. I won't call you a "glowie" though.

Oathbreaker and Traitor.

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This explains why they let their social media team celebrate the destruction of America's cities. At least in part.

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Remember, the left called this man a "Nazi". They called all of our grandfathers this word. There is no forgiving them and they must be held accountable for doing this.

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He attacked Trump after the Virginia elections. He is a never-Trumper and has no place here.

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No, we see the betas calling everyone who actually does anything a glowie.

How the FUCK is what these people are "actually doing" beneficial to our movement and in line with what President Trump represents? There is ZERO benefit to this group's actions except as AGITATION PROPAGANDA.

We don't need another democrat-ran "antifa" running around as a "far right wing" shell. That's exactly what this is and everyone sees it.

After that just fuck you for buying in to what they advertise. Seditious cunt, burn in hell for betraying our people.

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Duh. And it is time to put these types of lies into a campaign issue.

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County secession movements are going to be critical going forward. I believe Oregon has a few already that appear to have the votes to secede to Idaho? I want to work on California counties as well.

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I thought he was a Sanders op? Or at least a supporter. Sanders security couldn't keep a BLM brigade off of his microphone when he was running for the most powerful military command in the world, now that I think about it.

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