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The fact that this article had to be written shows how pathetic the world is

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To correct the statement above:

Everyone knows that Ukraine is corrupt, especially the Bidens. How is it that the NYTimes forgot?

Everyone "knew" that Ukraine is corrupt...

Now, MSM is reprogramming the masses so that Ukraine is not corrupt or minimally corrupt. Their brainwashing is very effective, as they've been doing this for a while, and millions of normies just agree and are satisfied with whatever the NYT's current position is.

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If you think the rollout is an issue, wait until you understand that Apple & Google will soon ban it from their app stores for violating ToS, just like they did many other similar services...

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I read what you are saying, but don't believe it makes sense. Please explain the situation in a convincing way to me, and I will listen.

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It's not partisan news, it's curated news.

The news itself is from all sources. The curators select noteworthy stories and present them to you in a feed. They admit they are doing this because other curators are delivering unbalanced news (mostly from the left and titles favoring the left).

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Truth isn't even fully live yet.

Once it's fully rolled out, it will have all this, and it will wave Trump truthing on the platform. Right now, he's not even using it. He's waiting on the full rollout.

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It's because people don't believe this. Random fools like you say this with nothing to back it up.

I've seen nothing to indicate it's compromised. If you're referring to the domain name change, I'm not buying that as proof.

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I visited Miami Beach from out of state once.

Best beach I’ve ever been too. Way better than all others I’ve been to in Florida, East coat, and Gulf.

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Friendly reminder that Biden voted for and passed into law in 2006 (along with every other career Democrat), a full length big strong double wall across the entire southern border.

Dems are just so pathetic that they couldn’t see it to completion and now oppose the same thing they voted for.

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Just remember that when they tell you the earth is over populated, you could fit every person in the world in one city.

There is plenty of room on the earth, and we have room to expand. Every time we are met with a challenge, we exceed and grow and are more than capable of supporting these people on our planet and many many more.

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Sad that acknowledging a man as a man is something people think is noteworthy enough to elevate you to Presidential discussions….

This is what the left has done to us. Instead of discussing real issues (like American energy, taxes, neo-communists, and avoiding war), the left has moved the right so far that we now think it’s awesome if someone states a man is a man….

This should be common sense standard. This shouldn’t be something we have to state.

The reason it’s noteworthy is because the left made it this way.

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These are Christ deniers.
Those of us that are not know that no one knows when the prophecy will be fulfilled and it can't be predicted. If it were to be predicted, it would have been in WWI or WWII, as nearly every human alive in Europe thought it was most certainly the end times then. Everyone is ALWAYS wrong

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It's not that hard to understand, but so many fools have been brainwashed into believing it's something we should do!

If you don't want to go to war with Russia, don't shoot down their planes!

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Even Notepad++ came out in support of No-Fly Zone.

These people are all so totally ignorant, brainwashed by government & media propaganda, which are heavily influenced by war loving people. War is big business for most of the world's elites.

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WTF is wrong with people in Portland that they allow this to happen? Any sane person should be standing in front of the building demanding resignations, at the least!!!

Edit: 18% of Multnomah County (the county Portland presides in) voted for Trump, that's 83k people. Don't tell me that there aren't enough people there to be outraged by this. In addition, it's not 100% of dems that support this sick perverted degenerate shit. There's plenty of people to demand resignations. It's not that. It's the people of Portland I guess. They are pathetic defeated people I suppose. I'm not sure, but something's wrong with them if they don't do something.

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Considering the earth is only around 6,000ish years old, not likely they had a 20,000 year start...

Edit: For those that are unaware that this is a real possibility and a significant challenger to the the idea of evolution/millionsOfYears, Scientific Creationism by Henry M. Morris is an excellent introduction to the topic.

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I think I've heard almost every Republican come out in favor of exactly what the title claims. They all go on a spill about how Putin is an evil dictator that is doing exactly what Hitler did, creating a war of aggression to build up his empire. They say he assassinates people and does all of these evil crazy things.

For anyone interested, the late Stephen F. Cohen, an actual expert on Russia, wrote a book on the subject "War with Russia?: From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate".

In this book, he explains how almost everything every single Republican (and Democrat) are saying about Russia is total BS and how ignorant they are. Even though the man is not Trump's biggest fan, he still gets it.

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