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To be fair, when I was 7, I saw song of the south for the first time, and immediately went out and enslaved several people.

Eventually, my parents explained the context of the movie, and I sheepishly had to let them go, but I consider that just a positive childhood learning experience. Plus the cotton crop that year was fantastic.

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stronger correlation between obesity

It isn't raw obesity. Extra fat doesn't make covid worse. Being in weak shape with terrible cardio/lung capacity/etc makes covid worse. An 80 year old and a fat person will both get winded walking a quarter mile.

If there was somehow a fat person in great shape, they'd be fine. (But those only exist in fat-positive-girl-twitter fantasies.)

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That would 100% be an acceptable price to pay...

If in turn, we put all this leftist shit behind us forever. No more white supremacy bullshit, no more DEI, no more affirmative action, etc.

If this magically happens, in 5 years they'll be saying "Certainly, 225k doesn't make up for racism. We need another 400k each."

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Semi-related, I am fully able to change a tire on the side of the road, but fuck that. Its $100 for AAA vs my kneeling on the ground, cold/wet/etc, get filthy, and risk getting run over by passing cars because it isn't like I can shut down a lane.

I can also change oil, but also fuck that.

I built a basement including framing it out, wiring, full bathroom w/ plumbing, hot water baseboard heating, drywall and everything else, and just finished building hardwood cabinets for my office including doors, but I still don't want to change a fucking tire.

(And if I had to do the basement again, I'd hire someone to do the drywall, since a crew can do it 20x faster than me, especially on ceilings, and it isn't that much)

Edit: I also replaced all my interior doors, but when I needed a sliding glass door replaced, I hired installers to minimize the time was house was open. As a DIYer, if I get stuck if something doesn't fit, I might have to run to the store or look something up, etc, and that would be rough if my goddamn house was exposed to bugs/rain/etc.

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"they weren't ORDERED to take down the posts, they were ASKED. They could have said no, and that's why it isn't a first amendment issue" - every leftist fuck.

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I don't care if you think the Arizona elections were 100% perfectly done.

If the process requires certification, but they're allowed to threaten the people certifying it with arrest, then there is no real security process and democracy is a joke.

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I didn’t believe this was real and I had to look it up.

This made me viscerally angry.

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The detail is that technically, the ones he funded directly were other viruses.

Yes, it would be impossible that influenza (for example) magically turns into covid.

This is just another version of "We didn't TECHNICALLY fund gain of function research"

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Don't get me wrong - fuck Disney, BUT:

This news is meh. Of course he was going to say this. How could he say anything else without getting ripped to shreds in the media, social media, etc?

We'll see if the product improves.

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Saying "We didn't know" is a very acceptable answer. They hired a rogue photographer/employees/etc who tried to sneak something in and were caught.

But they're still trying to spin that it was all an innocent mistake, and a child porn SCOTUS ruling was just a crazy wacky random coincidence that it turned up in a photo that is accused of promoting child sexuality.

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I wonder if the coordinated public attacks and propaganda against Musk were in an anticipation of specifically this happening.

So when it turns out there were serious issues, the media can just say "It sounds bad, but look at the Twitter hellscape now!"

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Some comments here don't get why Fauci, etc did this.

They knew masks were not effective, they knew vaccines had side effects and would only last a few months. It was just they said "Lets lie about this, because even if the masks are only 1% effective, or if all the masks do is make people too scared/annoyed to leave the house, we'll save SOME lives".

Here is the example I show to people to explain this. It is right from cdc.gov:


Read the summary. Masks work!. Closing restaurants works! Decreased death rates! Mask mandates should be implemented everywhere! They made a clever little infographic with a picture of a mask and dining showing arrows and shit, pre-made for media to stick in their articles!

(Incredibly inane infographics are not part of research, it shows this was packaged for media promulgation)

That's the summary people read, and what the media reports on. "New study shows masks work."

Now, lets actually read it. The intro paragraph says masks decrease transmission again in more detail, but still no numbers.

You have to dig through paragraphs of numbers to find it:

Mask mandates were associated with a 0.5 percentage point decrease (p = 0.02) in daily COVID-19 case growth rates 1–20 days after implementation and decreases of 1.1, 1.5, 1.7, and 1.8 percentage points 21–40, 41–60, 61–80, and 81–100 days, respectively

After THREE MONTHS of masks mandates, the outcome is 1.8% less covid growth.

Yes, 1.8% less case growth in exchange for destroying ourselves.


although models controlled for mask mandates, restaurant and bar closures, stay-at-home orders, and gathering bans, the models did not control for other policies that might affect case and death rates, including other types of business closures, physical distancing recommendations, policies issued by localities, and variances granted by states to certain counties if variances were not made publicly available.

What this means is that communities that had mask mandates were CLEARLY more likely to have other restrictions in place. That is, a place with a mask mandate would also have places doing their own "no church or funerals" mandate, or have people go out less, or have businesses shut down, etc. They didn't account for that! So even that "1.8%" mask case reduction was likely the result of other restrictions.

Was their conclusion that "This is only 1.8% after crushing people's lives, and they're going to catch it anyway, so masks aren't needed!!" no, they doubled down and concluded:

Policies that require universal mask use and restrict any on-premises restaurant dining are important components of a comprehensive strategy to reduce exposure to and transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Such efforts are increasingly important given the emergence of highly transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variants in the United States.

This is what the lies were. It isn't evil people in a room wondering how they can torture more. It is someone saying "If I can reduce deaths by 1%, then I'm a hero. The side effects are someone else's problem. OH YOU DON'T LIKE THAT??? Pick which 50 people you want to die next month just so you can go out for a hamburger!"

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That's for the same reason that I can't name any unicorns that I'm friends with.

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I always viewed my hardbound books as trophies.

As a side note, I use a Kindle for books that I previously would have gotten in paperback

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demand a recount and expose the fraud

A "recount" will never, ever show the fraud. The fraud isn't sneaky people writing down the wrong count. There are actually procedures and checks in place to prevent that.

If the ballot box is stuffed with an extra 50,000 fake ballots, they'll be counted! Then if you recount, you'll count them again! The people committing this fraud would jump with glee if there was a recount, because then they could say "See? The recount showed we were only off by a negligible amount.

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Wait! They have red flag laws and fun safe requirements! This is impossible!

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Hahahaha. I literally laughed of loud imagining the 1000 yard stares of the Twitter engineers forced to bring Trump back.

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same cookie-cutter PhD Ed that Jill Biden has.

I don’t think people realize how meaningless an “education phd”.

There is no research or actual phd work. No dissertation. Just a “project”. It’s like a “masters degree plus”, which I’m sure is great, but don’t get arrogant about calling yourself a “doctor” and an expert.

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Still worth it.

Could be as a protest- but the original suggestion was for the person doing it to "film it" and watch them get violent. When they have all authority on their side, they don't need to get violent.

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Who the fuck wants to see that nig movie anyway

I liked the first one. Since I avoid spoilers for movies, I went to it, watched it, enjoyed it, and left without ONCE realizing what a profound watershed moment it was for black people...

This next one (really all marvel movies now) looks like pandering garbage.

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White people go. Film. Make them remove you.

Except THEY would be filming YOU, and they'd be overjoyed to have to cancel the event because you "threatened their safety".

The next day you're ordered to attend a disciplinary hearing on accusations of racism and violence, where 2 dozen black people explain how hateful and disruptive you are.

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Wow! Obliterated? Reduced to nothing like from a Star Trek phaser?

Or more fucking clickbait yelling that will accomplishing nothing.

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Nope, I could declare tomorrow that I’m a bisexual queer non- binary that present masculine and uses he/him pronouns, and make 0 changes to my lifestyle, but suddenly I have multiple rainbow months celebrating me.

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Other people might object to the word "Fraud", but since they've effectively decriminalized ballot harvesting, republicans will never win a national election again.

PA isn't a swing state anymore, since you can always harvest from Philly.

"We need to have mail in voting because of covid, but then we also need to accept that "mail-in" votes will be deposited en-masse on election day exactly so there isn't time for anyone to say "Hey, what the fuck??" when obviously harvested drops come in.

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