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They saw it worked last time. Rarely emerge and only engage with media friendlies. Think that you only need to make the other person seem crazy so they’ll go “Katie Hobbs is so quiet and reasonable”.

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Apparently this movie is bombing… super gay movies never do well… even mega ultra gay Brokeback Mountain was ok I guess. But tbh gay movies are kind of disgusting.

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I could just be misremembering I just recall the big handicap stall at Food Lion was clogged all the ducking time

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My first job ever was a bagger and part of that was cleaning the store (mopping floors and cleaning bathroom). Both bathrooms were disgusting to clean and generally the men's was clogged hard AF more often (I mean hard core shit and plugged up with papertowel flooding the room)... I would like once a week clean it with a hose and nozzle (high pressure) because in commercial bathrooms you can often just hose them down with commercial cleaners and drain in room. These toilets were high pressure flush so you could easily unplug them using the right plunger. Still gross... I mean what the fuck... you had to really try to clog those toilets because when you flushed them it was high flow probably like 2-3 gallons of water per flush.

The womans on the other hand could be equally disgusting and more often than not it was used bloody tampons placed on top of the toilet paper holder. I don't think I ever encountered a clogged female toilet in 2 years I had that job.

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They're actually good.

For one person in morning

3/4 a cup mix (or slightly less to thin out mix)

1/2 cup 2% milk

1/2 tablespoon Saigon cinnamon

1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract

serve with real maple syrup and butter...

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There’s multiple spelling and grammar mistakes in it… looks like it’s a draft tho.

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Unpopular opinion but it’s because he did or said nothing controversial for 4 years he was in… he’s been groomed to ensure he was above reproach. Trump stepped in it often with some of the idiots he was duped into hiring or how he spoke to the media. Love me some Trump but we should all be able to at least recognize this… regardless I’d still vote for him if anything because the election was stolen from him and he never got the chance to MAGA how much he should have due to the media.

I still like Pence and think people are way to hard on him here. And for what? Because he certified the vote after an avalanche of people from Bill Barr to various governors saying the election was secure? Can you imagine if he refused to certify the election? Yes it’s FUCKED but he was between two rocks. Impossible decision. Also fuck those faggots who sullied Trump and MAGA by acting like idiots on January 6 and giving our enemies more ammunition.

If there had been no January 6 and just an unremarkable transition then all this bullshit the last 2 years probably wouldn’t be hanging over MAGAs neck.

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Goya is like a institution for Latin, Hispanic, and Mestizo people in America... they've been making quality products for decades.

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Black woman are inherently untrustworthy and they get propped up in corporate offices because of their skin color

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Just watched it I even bought it off Amazon. I thought it was a sequel to Dr Strange movie.... it wasn't... its some weird woke spinoff of Wandavision.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxTEaKjsg00

Other things ---

  • Wong is now apparently a idiot. He is the "Sorcerer Supreme" and can't fight even ordinary demons

  • The illuiminati are apparently really unconcerned about the Scarlet Witch the entire time instead imprisoning and tormenting Dr Strange the entire time saying he is the biggest threat to the multiverse

  • The Kamar Taj place ruled by these ancient monks who wield sorcery are apparently really weak and complete pushovers

  • The Darkhold lair is some area that Wong can just port to whenever he wants and yet has never tried to destroy it

  • All the powers Dr Strange had seemingly are forgotten from the previous movie

  • Professor X is now a deprepid old man who is easily beaten by a WO-MAN

  • The smartest man in the galaxy Reed Richards is easily trounced by a WO-MAN

  • The super lesbian America Chavez apparently thinks food should be free and its weird how Earth 818 (or whatever its called) charges for food

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I will say when I was in Afghanistan we had a small team on a mission land in the middle f bumfuck nowhere in Pakistan to resupply some special forces or black water I don’t really know who they are but my teammates claim they were asked to sign NDAs to protect their location in Pakistan

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Deported from the entire island... "simply relocated" is liberal doublethink to placate themselves.

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I've been saying this back in that day Black Kings and Tribal Leaders push blacks onto the Gold Coast for money and/or a perceived excitement about seeing the "new world"... the horrors of slavery were not really known yet back then in my opinion. At least to the slave....and or this was a cultural thing that overtime became bad. Slavery was the norm back in that day the day before big government and other social and technological limits.

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yes it should we need to email corporate about their bigotry

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this is what they want... they want another January 6 but this time with actual combat.... the libs would be orgasmic at the thought of Biden using the military to kill us... dont give it to them.... The only way this is won is through a information war. Now if they fire the 1st shot Waco Style on a group of people then all bets are off I guess but I abhor violence and prefer to fight in a arena of ideas.

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