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I’m an actual cowboy sitting on a ranch. Literally sitting in a ranch house looking out at a field of cows. I called them cows but they are beef cows.

I’m a busted up motherfucker. I rodeoed got several of my teeth knocked out got a bum knee. Got shot and I rack and lost 3 toes and fingers fishing and ranching

And even I don’t want some goddamn cowgirl old worn out ass mean as a fucking snake thieves and grifters worse than a goddamn jogger. No fucking thanks.

You know who wants to fuck the girl in that ad? No one.

Probably she just watched Yellowstone and got a workwear fetish to go with her whore oral fixation

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All things being equal politicians need to be removed from office and put on trial for their crimes.

But they will never allow that to happen so it’s going to have to go another way.

And there is no clear leader for the majority of Americans who want to take it that other way.

DeSantis and Trump are awesome and they make those faggots and Washington afraid so I really like them. But they clearly want to work within the corrupt political process to try and somehow mitigate some of the worst parts of it. I don’t think that’s good enough for me anymore

This is a lot more serious than politics and tweets at this point

We’re talking our lives and our children’s lives

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The account that posted that is funded by mitt Romney. The guy who urged Joe Biden out of retirement to run for president and probably supplied a bunch of the money and Washington graft to make it happen

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He Rittened his House of joggers

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What about like retarded kids? I don’t know where they were in the 1980s but they damn sure weren’t at the movie theater and at the store and stuff.

Go to the movie theater now and the entire first three rows are autistic kids in wheelchairs.

Sure it has nothing to do with all the plastic that we eat fed du by Devils who lie to us

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Get help for your dementia grandpa

The other sex offenders in your pod say you are forgetting to wipe your own ass

They also stipulated specifically that you never forgot to wipe their asses.

Tsk tsk

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Creativity was alive

Marijuana was illegal transgender people were rare gay people kept themselves secret black folks still robbed everybody

Those were great times

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So the psychological profile of you just keeps growing. I think I’m going to be able to nail down your geographic location pretty quickly. I’ve already got Midwest.

You’ve got a real Midwestern vibe to your friend.

That’s not a bad thing at all. I’m just saying.

So let’s lay out what we know about you:

  • provincial mindset

  • not a lateral thinker

  • not a skilled worker (too much free time)

  • pop-culture references and insults put your age somewhere north of 45.

  • silly nostalgic belief in America CIA 911 obvious lie that means you were probably in high school or just out of high school in 911

  • self-conscious about your sexuality

  • self-conscious about your education

  • really hung up on being “wrong “and “right” in an argument which means you probably had a real dickhead dad who was hardly ever around and disapproved of you even though there was not any real reason to disapprove of you.

  • not in a great money situation

  • divorced not because of your temper problem although that’s what she says. Divorce because you’re boring and poor and provincial.

I dare you to be honest I dare you motherfucker I dare you to be honest I dare you to be honest for one time in your miserable little maggot limp wristed life. Why don’t you man up and tell me how right I am?

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Sooooo….nothing. Because you’re poor. That’s too bad

Oh look I just illustrated your financial situation for a bunch of strangers lol and you helped.


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Lol I don’t know if zoomer is supposed to be an insult to a 48 year old man or not. I’m not sure what it means but I like the way it sounds. Maybe I am a zoomer. Zoom zoom. What now? I like zoomer I’m doing it. I’m all about zoomer now.

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I’ve already illustrated for you and the class, which is mostly also me, that you were very gullible.

Now I’m going to illustrate for the class, which is mostly also me, what your financial situation is.

Tell me the last thing you ordered from DoorDash or Uber eats?

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Again with the 2002 through 2008 Internet Memes.

Imagine I’m posting a meme of Jim from the office like looking real seriously at Dwight and saying some thing like “that’s what she said“ since we are so fucking topical LOL

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I’m searching for you. And I found you.

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I’m not sure if that’s me? It kind of seems like you lol let’s be honest we all know what’s going on.

Those ads you’re seeing pop up on the side of your screen for discount trips to Miami Beach and rainbow colored thongs probably has a lot to do with the contents of your interchanges with other strange single man on the Internet lol

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Cool starry bra

Can I has cheeseburger?

Rage comics where the guy goes FUUUUUUUUUUUU


Cool now we have established that you graduated from high school between 2003 and 2008. What else we doing here? I love how you reply to Avery message but you should really have some Contant

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Yes, obviously not obsessed with talking about gay sex with men on the Internet- guy

Literally every message you post contains the word faggot. It doesn’t take a psychology degree to figure out what’s going on my stylishly dressed friend

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Here watch I’ll reply to another one of your messages and the tranny thread right now.

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I’ve been non-stop messaging you for the past hour. I literally think this is the most serious relationship I’ve had in years. I literally wanna fuck you

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I’m not trying to run away from anything brother. I’m here for the long-haul. I’ve been talking to you on my other accounts this entire time.

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When you go to Auschwitz there’s a pleasant little gate with a happy little saying above it that says “work brings freedom“

I think the same guy designed this PSA from the FDA

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Dude I have like 15 different accounts. I literally don’t give a shit. I don’t even know what account I’m on right now.

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