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Ya that's why you sprinkle it in and spin it like a dreidel.

Don't go kvetching about tiny hats.

"They" like the game.

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Well let's get this visible. It's a pretty obvious shoop I know having seen many shoops in my day.

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Not a surprise for the "top" FBI faggots

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I have covid right now. This runny nose is earth shattering.

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Is funny cuz nobody here would get any support at all attacking some fbi field office.... because it is a retarded thing to do.

This is like the reddit quarantine but they're inching us into the mainstream media to try canceling us.

Lucky this place is already run by the FBI lmao

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They wouldn't get me that far.

I'm not just angry on a creature level, my soul is angry. I have more anger than desire to see the future.

I don't use any VPNs or TOR. They either know me by now or there's so many like me that it isn't worth tracking.

I'm simply a disgruntled hard worker that has 0 tolerance remaining for abusive authority.

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To be fair this is literally what I was taught in gradeschool.

My parents STILL believe the TV.

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"We ran the money printer at the same ridiculous rate for a month straight without speeding it up yet!"

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I turned it off quickly when the other guy started talking.

Would've been twice better with Alex Jones on for the whole 40min.

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Reason: Trump

Probable cause: Trump

Oath: to moloch

Particular -

Place: Trumps house

Person: All Trumps

Things: Whatever incriminating stuff we find

What's the problem guys ????

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What I think I've learned...

Expect results to be natural.

I'm not going to have to shoot any IRS agents because they know I might.

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No not at all lol. I know you're joking but I'll put it here anyways we had hundreds of active commentors see it better than Clott Adams.

That guy fell into a classic human failure and I personally don't hold it against him. We've all made those kinds of dumb reactive mistakes but we don't all have his exposure.

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They're gonna get shot.

A lot.

Life is too uncomfortable for people to put up with a bunch of bullshit.

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I know some are on the Clott Adams hate train but this reminded me of Dilbert comics immediately.

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