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I don't think we should look to family guy or simpsons for anything.

These guys have been calling out the cabal stuff in their jokes since they started.

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Which we know is happening as well as their general goals so really we're filling in some narrow gaps.

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They're still saying the Hillary email scandal was no big deal.

Fucking unbelievably retarded.

Yep by Vsid
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Net & yoohoo

I'll never forget that shit lol

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"Rest of your life"

and after

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Not About Ye or Elon it is about revealing the establishment which includes them.

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I think it's simply concise communication.

What do you mean by group think?

There's no stopping human nature.

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Cult of Satan.

"Real" jews ought to be denouncing all this very loudly. They ought to be rejecting leftism wholesale unless they identify with these monsters.

I think if there is truly a victim class of jews under the Baal worshippers they should be exposing the evil, screaming it from the rooftops.

What do we see instead?

Extreme defensiveness that DEMANDS an unawareness of the evil as though the lie is necessary for their survival.

The ONLY reasonable conclusion is that jews are COMPLICIT in the evils we see committed in the name of their people.

If someone tells me that I need to renounce Christianity for pedophile priests I won't say it's antichrist to do so, I'll say that I denounce those priests and reject any notion that they were truly Christian.

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A few million at least.

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I don't love or hate Hitler, personally.

I would like to love all humans but I do not.

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"Raëlians say they encourage adult homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual relationships and that society should recognize them legally.[57] Some governments, notably in Switzerland, fear that Raëlians are a threat to public morals for supporting liberalized sex education for children. The Swiss authorities argue that such liberalized sex education would encourage sexual abuse of children.[2] The Raëlians disagree with those fears and state that sex education done properly would involve educating parents as well as children.[58]"

"Elsewhere in the book, he stated that nanotechnology will make it possible to have micro-distributive power generation (essentially a power plant in each house), fur-like furnishings that are self-cleaning with hair-like fibers that move on their own,[42] and biological robots.[43] Nanostructures control biology, so Raël expected that meat and salads will someday be grown in a machine via molecular construction.[44][45]"


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Came to post this. Definitely not a shift from the norm.

Being honest is the new thing.

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