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"I was surprised to see [the press] here before we could get here. So the press knew the location before we did, some of the volunteers… it’s very frustrating," Bustillos said.

So the press knew.

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He seem to slow down after BLM doxxed the house. I wish he would give some updates.

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I have been watching him for a while now. I ended up finding him while he was putting out "this old crack-house" videos. I'm into DIY stuff lol

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“After we cleared the call and went back in service, Rome-Floyd 911 received a call from the suspect, claiming responsibility for the incident and explaining his/her motives,” the report stated. “It was a computer generated voice. They explained they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,’ and stated they were trying to ‘swat’ her.”

The report also stated caller said they are connected to a website, which police stated supports cyberstalking, and gave the police their user name on the site.


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I think the point is fair but I still hold it's a violation.

Saying a point is fair does not mean I agree, just that I can see the argument being made.

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The key is "request"

That's a fair point.

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add a CNN ticker at the bottom

That's giving grounds for dismissal of the entire video. Show just the facts without emotional pleas.

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I would argue that a platform working to suppress peoples speech at the request of the government is still a violation of the 1st.

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Jesus... that's the house front?

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Just a couple of guys, "they were up to no good". They started making trouble in the neighborhood...

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I thought a slur had to have historical context? What is historical about a "new drop"?

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whose fingerprints (if any)

Not likely to be fruitful but something I would support in the off chance of a something.

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