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He wants to use the new U.N. immigration policy to move Palestinians to Ireland because his 'land' is only for the Chosen People™.

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Look dude. "Israel" didn't exist before 1947 ok!? Their Existence doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. They could poof out of existence tomorrow and the world will go on spinning without them. "God" has nothing to do with any of this. Besides. America First. We came into being without israel existing we'll remain in existence without them existing again.

Perhaps you should tell them, or pray to God, to stop pissing everyone off. Then maybe everyone could 'get along'.

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Fuck Israel. We didn't need them before and we don't need them now. Everybody wants to "Nuke" us for one reason and one reason only. Our support of the criminal regime known as Israel. That's it. That's why they hate us. Oh and if your "God" can't protect them now they how is he going to be powerful enough to "Nuke Us"?

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I love how you people always argue facts and never resort to name calling or ad hominem attacks. That's why you always win right?

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NAXALT is a false defense.

Is Sushi Japanese? Yes.

Do All Japanese make Sushi? No.

Do all Japanese eat Sushi? No.

Do all Japanese like Sushi? No.

Is everyone who makes Sushi Japanese? No.

Is everyone who eats Sushi Japanese? No.

Is Anyone, in any way involved in the eating or creating of Sushi, only Japanese? No.

Is Sushi still Japanese? YES!

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He Supported BLM and sucked their asses so Fuck Him.

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If you can, join in on this Dog Pile. I know for a fact that 1: It scares the hell out of them 2: It seems to be effective in causing a coalition to be formed as a form of 'Hitting Back' at at least something for millions of disaffected parents 3: Their fear of this is causing them to Focus on this and it's a distraction for them.

Attack your Enemy where they are weakest and if it strengthens your own position, all the better. This appears to be doing just that.

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He's now active on GTTR and shilling for Israel. The money's better.

by Puss
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From what we're seeing done to this country....yes...yes they are.

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He's not "SIMPING" you fucking Morons. He's doing his Job to protect his Nation and his People. Something completely lacking in both our Government and the collection of people they currently Govern.

He just did a nice sweet Quid Pro Quo with China to tell the U.S. that they have shared interests and have implied that what you do to one you do to the other in this regard. It's called Diplomacy and Op and many others seem to forget this.

If you've got Power and Leverage then USE THEM and don't sit around like you're in the stands at some fucking Football Game.

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There's plenty of MAGA's and "Republican/Conservatives" that don't get this either.

There's a very fucked up Religion that does fucked up shit and if you say one thing bad about them you get banned and called names and even fired. They've managed to convince quite a few States to pass laws making it ILLEGAL to even Criticize them at all. How terrible must you be to have to make laws forcing people to Like You and keep people from disliking you?

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They sold their children's and grandchildren's futures so that they could babysit a bunch of violent twerking apes.

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Oh, like we didn't?

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and they'll string your ass along for another 3 years until they've completely taken over while you wait for "The Legal System" to fix this. The French didn't "Protest the Bastille" and the Founders didn't have a BBQ on Bunker Hill.

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Oh Thank God!!!! A NEGRO has approved of my Political Opinions! Now I'm completely Validated! I wasn't too sure I was right but Super Celebrity Negro #5 said words that sound like mine.

My Lord would you take a step back and look at yourselves and listen to yourselves. If you need them to validate your views then you've already lost and it's why you lost before too.

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