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It's because white men are hyper-domesticated and are holding their own leashes, waiting for orders that will never come, from Alpha leaders that will never be allowed to rise.

Picked off one by one, as they suddenly realize the score once it hits their front door.

Even in South Africa, white liberal boomer-age men are still denying reality.

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And it's to keep us that way.

The tax rate is calculated to remove 'x' amount of money from the middle class (the big spenders) to prevent inflation. That's pretty much it.

They're taking your money, and digitally 'burning' it to keep their money-printing game going. Burning it. Not using it, burning it. So you can't spend it.

File EXEMPT. Stop paying. Stop filing 1099s. Buy supplies. Buy fuel. Organize.

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Bolshevik, not NAZI. This isn't a national-socialist play, it's another step towards global Communism.

Seriously, it's important to make that distinction or the target remains cloaked.

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Zathras is inclined to suffer small indignities, after all it is Zathras lot in life. But Zathras can see this escalation will only end one way if Zathras does not stand up.

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Like someone above said, most people are genetic bench-warmers. They'll only stand up and cheer once a winner is obvious.

It's a survival trait from tribal days, where it really didn't pay to choose sides too early. The big hairy guys duke it out, and once one of them starts flagging, then the hooting begins.

Just got to accept that you're the vanguard on this. Frankly, it's a great place to be.

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And the Oregon media absolutely dumped all over that, even when it was being shown in video on alt-media, the /chans and social media.

Same deal as the old Spotted Owl scam that shut down the timber industry. Grad students getting kudos and awards from their Profs when they "find" a spotted owl feather in a timber area, resulting in a harvest ban.

The rural folks do slowly learn, and they're digging their heels in with the attack on Ranching & Farming.

Not going to go the same way this time around.

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Yes. Early video from China:
Psyop: Bodybags lining the streets Reality: Ripped from a documentary on homeless in Shenzen.

Psyop: People falling over dead in the street. Reality: Hasn't happened anywhere else.

Psyop: People being welded shut in their apartment blocks. Reality: Cheese-welds, just quick tacks for optics.

Psyop: Woman shot trying to leave quarantine zone. Reality: Scooter crash, the clip edited out the wrecked scooter.

It goes on and on. Fake hospital construction, with practically stand-up cardboard. Flimsy, just a shell. Hazmat suits are regular first-responder there, because the country is unsanitary.

It's all a giant manipulation, towards the Technocratic Bolshevik Takeover. Great Reset (Great leap forward). Build-Back-Better (New World Order).

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Pseudo-history (historical fiction), written by Abrams, an Orthodox Jew.

The CogFems really, really have a fetish for this sort of thing, and they use projection to paint their opponents with their own degeneracy.

Rough red pill, finding out the last hundred years is a concoction and you're a conquered people wrapped in parasitic tentacles from birth. But it's the truth.

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Nuremberg was a Bolshevik-orchestrated show trial and a humiliation ritual.

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You're like the Anti-Evola, lol.

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Jennifer Rubin is already writing articles about how "we need to get ready to prevent minority-white rule". Same playbook as Rhodesia.

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Dude, I've ordered machinery and am still waiting for it 8 months later. TP, beans and bullets are still around, but bearings, computer chips, hydraulic fittings, radio gear? Not so much.

The wheels ARE coming off, but only the professional class sees it. The rest will clue in this winter, especially as fuel prices keep climbing.

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Time for the Northwest American Republic to become a reality.

Balkanization is baked in, at this point. Pick your zone. Kentucky/Tennessee Cumberland Plateau is okay, but the PNW is where it's at.

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It's a nice thought, but too many people have a false sense of morality. They'll give their seed corn to passing strangers and feel righteous while their own children starve.

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Only a matter of time until that place is walled off, and they just pitch food over the top to keep the cannibalism down.

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Euro-Christian Values, to be precise.

And even those are recharacterizations of pre-existing European values such as monogamy, truth-before-face and socially-enforced fair dealing (reciprocity in display, word and deed).

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AI-based Egregores.
Not good.

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Blacks sexually mature earlier, and have lower impulse control.

And yes, that's the game.

Naive Christian Whites are cheering on their own destruction. It's a suicide cult, at this point. Aquinas and Luthor would shake their heads....

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Correct take.

Naive Christian Zio-Boomers won't like it though...

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WWIII already involves small arms, it's just that only one side gets to use them without repercussions.

White people are getting shot every day in urban areas. Or worse.

Kyle could have easily been shot himself, had he not defended himself. With a gun.

If you don't get it at this point, you're either irrelevant or on the other side of the field.

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A suspiciously large # of people wailing that their families are on those planes, are referring to themselves as Afghan-Americans.

These people are anchor-baby types or freshly-papered "citizens".

They were helping suppress their own countrymen for Globo-homo. What makes you think they'll be good neighbors for YOU?

Stop being so naive, or you'll get what you deserve.

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