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It has zero affiliation with any person currently or previously associated with us.

We do not take kindly to the "influencers" who are promoting it after our support to them over the years.

by Gumnut
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Could you elaborate?

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How did you get so fat?!

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We received the same January 6 letter that other platforms received.

The transition from the old domain to the new domain is incredibly well documented.

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According to WAPO, letters were received by the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Truth Social
  • Rumble
  • Telegram
  • Gab
  • Gettr

I’d also like to point out the most vile part from this letter, in my opinion:

Please produce the following documents by September 2, 2022:

"All advertisements shown alongside posts that were reported to law enforcement or removed by your company for threatening law enforcement"

They are partaking in financial deplatforming. The point of that question is to name and shame the advertisers into not funding Gab - after already banning them from all existing ad networks (such that they had to build their own), and even from Visa payment processing.

We continue to only allow legal content on our platform. As always, please report violent or illegal content.

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I'm assuming the one reply I got was from a Zuck-loving moderator.

The post was up for a minute before it was removed. The reply was not from a moderator.

We get a lot of users who are here solely to post anti-Jew content. That isn't the case here clearly.

The post is approved.

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That was deleted by the author of the comment.

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Note from the site, following the media attention that this incident has attracted.

Of course they are watching - we knew this. They always were, because it’s a public forum.

I’d like to say, though, that our team are experts at navigating this fine line. We’re a website existing in an area where almost nobody would be willing to operate, and we do it as well as anyone could, thanks to our mods and the community.

We know when people are LARPing (or, bullshitting) and when they’re actually about to take action.

Despite being the biggest pro-Trump forum on the internet, we’ve never (ever!) had a violent incident attributed to somebody who posted on The Donald. A far cry from the left’s favorite platforms.

As usual, remember to report true violent threats as well as other rule violations, especially from new accounts. There’s a small set of very sad individuals who spend their days making new accounts to post inflammatory content, on this site as well as others.

Finally, only say what you mean. Don’t get yourself in shit for saying something you’ve never considered backing up with action.

(p.s. we didn't delete the top comment, that was the author)

by mateus
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Nothing has changed recently.

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Yeah, that's the plan. Work to do to make that viable

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I have no response, but this is good feedback. Thanks.

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Maybe someday

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November to January 2021, we were serving far in excess of 500M pageviews per month. All Win sites combined was closer to 1 billion per month.

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Wouldn't be allowed on Google Play / Apple App Store. There is an app for the wider network of sites, but it doesn't include The Donald due to policies.

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Maybe not, good point.

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To the best of your knowledge are the mods the same people with the same names?


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Any site of this size and topic would have.

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Patriots, LLC still exists.

Communities, LLC owner is an entity which has ownership in Patriots, LLC.

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Planned but not as an option. We only want to store PMs for 30 days.

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