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It's not really a problem for c/thedonald mods but rather Win admins, c/meta is the place for these complaints.

We're aware of it though, the network which we left up for now is more sophisticated than any of the others so we didn't want to wipe it out by banning them immediately (then how do we fix it when they do it better next time?), but regretfully have been slow to deal with it

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We looked into bot networks last month, eliminated several. There's one that we're aware of.

Not sure who would've denied the problem entirely.

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Get off Reddit totally and permanently, everyone.

That's kind of the point of these posts exposing them. We have a big audience here and this content will be spread.

There's already a portion of Reddit's userbase who aren't happy with the treatment NNN has received. (and these aren't Trump supporters)

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/c/NoNewNormal is the Win equivalent of the banned community.

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It's the seventh biggest website in the U.S and has explosive growth in recent years.

Expose 'em when you can.

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Yeah, they just raised an additional $410M in August, on top of the $250M they raised earlier this year.

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We won't have an app (deplatforming). The mobile site (in beta) will effectively be our app going forward. I'm confident that over time it'll be on par with what an app could be.

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any motion to join Trump's class action law suit from your site?

Yes, but doesn't look like it's going to happen. It's true that we'd be looking at Reddit and Discord more than the other platforms, but Facebook does block a number of our domains (including in private messages) which damages our reach.

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By all means, buy the phone if you still think it's a good deal. I have no interest in preventing its success. I do want to make sure these things are known, though.

Other notes:

  • the company offers a 10% referral ($50) for each sale you drive them (no, we don't have a referral code), hence it's being plastered everywhere
  • Parler is pre-installed. Privacy and Parler are inherently incompatible.
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On any normal day, we can handle this traffic surge fine. Those days are mostly passed us. It's a bad combination of events. Abnormally high peak, plus we just switched our servers over to a new setup (which has made the site a lot faster and generally stable - we'd used to have 1-2 second delays often during standard peak hours - this is not an issue anymore) as seen at c/changelogs. As the latest changelog said, we'd monitor the site until peak hours today to see how it handles. Really good results actually, despite the brief outage there. The site degraded at 100% CPU usage, rather than hitting all the other bottlenecks that it used to hit. Adding more frontend servers is the easy part.

Switched some traffic over to the old cluster for now.

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This is mostly accurate. We did receive a large (not millions) anonymous donation in March, and we haven't accepted donations since. We most likely will again, with the understanding that it's not critical and would only help to scale in other areas.

Brave Rewards is the only active monetization that we have, and it works well for now due to our traffic to cost ratio.

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Change your post view to "Condensed" and it won't show images by default.

It doesn't load all pictures at once, only about three.

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Exactly. And that wasn't possible (in a realistic manner) to fix without a new site.

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Noted, we already had this implemented (cutting posts to a reasonable length in feeds), not sure what happened to it.

edit: this reply was written when only the first two points were in the comment

edit 2: posts now correctly cut off, but not a long term solution

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Brave browser suggested making the web page into an "app" which is cool.

Yeah, the mobile beta site is a PWA. Wouldn't recommend installing it yet because logos aren't configured, and won't retroactively be updated once installed (as far as I'm aware), but I guess that's not important.

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Seems to load slower than desktop site.

I feel this, it shouldn't be (and won't be) slower, due to no server-side rendering. It will be addressed.

Why do I have to log in separately for it though?

If you're logged in on communities.win already then you should be logged in automatically to the mobile site.

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100%. This was already implemented, but I see it is not working anymore.

edit: fixed

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Current primary point of concern is the dark mode. We’ve had a blue dark mode on desktop and mobile, due to wanting to retain the same dark blue navbar on both dark and light modes. It’s not optimal. Possibility of switching to a more standard dark mode color scheme. Feedback appreciated on this.

Takes a different route from the old sites - card view is the default, rather than condensed. This means media (images, videos, etc) is shown by default, but it’s easily configurable.

The old site will always remain available, the new mobile site is entirely optional, but given time, it will be the better product.

New site will be available at m.patriots.win (and all the other sites) once in a later beta stage.

This project would not have been possible without u/lkhrup.

Update: Aware that loading can be slow, it's the new priority. Improvements will be made today. It will be faster than the current site. No doubt.

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That makes no sense.

First - where would they get the IPs from? Not from Win, as Win does not store IPs.

Second - a very, very small minority of VPN users have static IPs. They are expensive addons. For Nord, a static IP is $70 per year on top of the normal fee.

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