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(Win doesn't use a single line of Reddit's code)

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Fixed the first issue. The second one is an issue specific to The Donald's community style but it will be fixed at another time.

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Good point. This will be the default for new accounts going forward.

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That's weird. It works neither in mobile view or desktop view? If you're logged in, there's no cookies used for that at all. If you're not logged in, first party cookies are used. Shouldn't be having any issues.

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True (on desktop), it looks like a big change but it really isn't. Nothing below the header area has been changed, other than the font, which is barely noticeable.

Also keep in mind that the change is intended for the base communities (communities.win), we didn't set out to change The Donald's style specifically. The base CSS was horrific before, now it will be acceptable (in my opinion) once this update is finished.

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Wiki has been a feature for a long time, just never linked in the UI anywhere. As a result, I don't think any communities have any wiki pages set up.

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This should already be a thing. Is it not?

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The domain change took place at the same time as the inauguration. The inauguration is what's responsible for the shift in energy.

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It was due to some browsers (Apple, as always) deciding to zoom on their own accord. The inability to manually zoom is a side effect that I will look at fixing.

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You might be referring to this incident.

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Did you have to re-enter your credentials or no? You shouldn't have.

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Search has now been re-enabled. Note that it may be disabled again if this SSO update is reverted (which may occur if the update completely breaks the site for a browser with a significant market share)

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No, users shouldn't have been fully logged out.

If they were fully logged out, they should try multiple incorrect passwords before entering the correct one, to ensure that we do still know the correct password. However be aware that trying too many passwords may temporarily lock you out silently.

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That's expected for Brave (since it blocks third party cookies) - as long as you don't have to click login again for every new session.

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Re-enabling once this update is stable

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And you had to re-enter your credentials? Which version of Safari?

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The delay at the start of a session (or every 60 minutes after a session began) is a flaw with our old SSO process, which this update addresses. The "logged out but not logged out" issue should be resolved with this update, too.

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What version of Brave are you using? Are you using any additional privacy extensions? You should only have to hit sign in once.

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Are you able to test whether Safari 12.1.2 works correctly without uBlock Origin?

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Yeah, that was one of the many issues that this update fixes.

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This was in the last few minutes? Also, Safari? Mobile?

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