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literally kicked to the curb? Do you have a vid of that? I need to see

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no no, listen to the man, he has a point.

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gtfo retard

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Boebert said we should get rid of the separation of church and state and Dems shortcircuited immediately.+

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Yea. That's a lower homicide rate.

No matter how you look at it.

I said a red state, red city, red governor, red mayor. Jacksonville is represented by Democrats. Duval county voted for Biden in 2020. Jacksonville is not red.


Florida has a red governor and Lenny Curry is a red mayor.

Are you calling DeSantis a democrat?

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Did you run the math or are you running your mouth?

If you take out only the murders from the top five cities without removing their population then the US improves by barely 20 spots.

Not exactly "falling drastically" and it's still worse than France or the UK.

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If that's true then we're not 81 million, but rather 8100.

Or we're 81 million and there's no way two thirds are feds because there's not enough feds out there.

This constant fearmongering and "hurr, muh feds" needs to stop.

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Pretending she's ugly gives off weird vibes.

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I fact checked you and they aren't rotting in gulags. They're just a little moldy.


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Double Jeopardy idk

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Imagine being this far off the deep end that you find yourself hating America.

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