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Sure. All their numbers are pure garbage though. It's all fudged. I know a nurse in my area who said when 30 year old women come in having a stroke a week after the vaxx, they note the vaxx in their charts and later it is gone (the note).

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Funny, but also true to some degree. I was at the Ottawa protest. It worked. The border blockades worked. Our vaxx policies were getting worse and worse and the provinces all broke off from the feds (Trudeau) and dropped restrictions. That left Trudeau naked and he soon dropped restrictions and mandates.

Even the Chinese have now gotten some relief through their protests. Protests work. They just don't magically change everything at once bu they do help.

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The US is not 80% vaxxed.

And deaths are extreme, at the margin, outcomes. If the vaxx worked even slightly, it should massively bring down the extreme outcomes.

And they aren't even looking at all cause mortality (vaxxed dying suddenly all over - I just had another one in my own circle yesterday).

And they don't count people who die "of covid" 10 days after the vaxx as vaccinated.

Don't let these articles that pretend to be fair and balanced trick, you into being "reasonable". At the higher levels they know 100% what they are doing. Otherwise they would just liquify some vitamin d and call it a vaccine and profit. They chose not just to make money off this but to ignore (or intentionally create) something that kills many many people.

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It's an ok excuse in Canada with 90% or so vaxxed.

But the US is nowhere near that number. If the vaxx was any good it would take a huge disparity of vaxxed vs unvaxxed to achieve this.

AND let's not look past that this is "covid deaths" and ignores that vaxxed are dying suddenly at 100 times the rate of unvaxxed (I can make up numbers too).

AND let's not forget that they don't count you as vaxxed if you get vaxxed and die 10 days later.

All of which is to say: fuck you Fauci and pfizer and FDA and CDC and I hope you all get what you deserve which is VERY unpleasant and painful and deserved. If I saw you all being anally raped with a cheese grater I would video it for World Star which is apparently all that people are supposed to do when witnessing a crim- I mean, a "peaceful protest".

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He woke a lot of people up. Including me. I knew the world was fucked. But he showed it magnified by a factor of 100. He went up against a swamp that was beyond any ability of one person to overcome.

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Dude relax. Will Aaron Judge be a "NBA/MLBLM/NFL/NCAA worshipping faggot" when he signs a 350M deal in a week?

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I wish you and the family the best. You all sound like you're on a great path. Don't take the rest personally - no one wants your family to get vaxxed and die and we are all full of disdain for people like... Rod Stewart.

My first impulse seeing this story is to say "congrats Rod you fucking retard. You'll now outlive your kid. Enjoy your self-imposed misery."

Why so angry? Because he would force the vaxx on my kids and ignore their death. And would ignore my warnings to him.

At this point, the only way to save mankind is to have enough famous people's kids die. I am fucking glad his kid had a heart attack. And I know how awful that is to admit.

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I am not a history buff at all. So unlike most internet banter I am not at all sure of my rightness.

But my understanding is that during any time of risk, the fleet should not be docked, unarmed, with no proper lookouts etc. Heck even in times of peace and love it's stupid.

I also am pretty sure that there was a lot of warnings and intelligence that said an attack was potentially coming.

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Advice: limit visits to shorter times and to things that give you SOME level of escape. Go to a movie and sit at the opposite end. Go to amusement park and go off to a ride they don't like and say "we'll meet back up at lunch".

Just limit it so you can keep your cool.

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Hard to argue and I appreciate that you aren't blaming Trump.

I just think we have a 1/100,000,000 chance of taking over the GOP.

And a 0/100,000,000 chance of taking over as a 3rd party.

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One of the earlier times the government setup soldiers to be killed. Tensions were high and those ships should never have been all sitting in port, not battle ready, with no significant lookouts offshore to warn of incoming attacks.

They knew and they let it happen so that they could get people to agree to war. Same as 9/11.

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I really doubt she got the vaxx. She was outspoken against mandates and the whole covid agenda.

I think there are hundreds of things that we allow around us that can help bring on cancer. I'm pretty sure she had a drug history when younger plus smoked cigarettes. In addition to weight issues in later life which probably means not the healthiest diet.

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Yup. And we have had nearly a dozen posts about it. Meanwhile MSM has really not covered it much at all. Even in death, if you were not part of the liberal propaganda machine, they sure try to ignore you.

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I agree with you but the only option is to take over the RNC. Progress has been made. Trump will win the nomination again and with every election cycle we gain a few more MAGA members. Starting a new party now would set us back and make it even harder. The RNC is useless and no one likes them. They are prime picking. It's the best option we have and we have made the hardest inroad - the beginning. We're trying to move a giant boulder and we have at least budged it.

I'm really on the same side here. What we want is simple. There is no need to bring Hitler into it or abort what has at least worked a bit. The next 2 years, followed by hopefully 4 years of Trump as President, can lay all kinds of groundwork for change.

And then Don Jr baby.

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No - I have argued with a Scientologist doctor who (at least in 2021) thought they were fine.

Regardless there is no church belief or guidance one way or the other.

Edit: and Kirstie was based, highly doubt she got the vaxx. Cancer does happen.

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The level of retardation here is getting out of hand.

"The government is bad therefore we need to have an even more powerful dictatorship style government run by someone even more evil, in fact let's reference one of the most evil people in all of recorded history"

You make Kanye sound smart.

I like your argument: basically anything you don't like is proof that everything ever done was wrong/bad.

If I save a baby from choking and the baby votes for a Democrat, then I did a bad thing.

You need to lay off the news for a day and take a walk.

We need the federal government to have LESS power, as was originally intended. And even at state level, vaccine mandates and shutting down businesses and inventing new taxes without even a vote, should all be impossible. Just because these things are hard to do doesn't mean we need Hitler. Trump was the opposite of Hitler and he had a huge, massive impact and woke up at least half the country. Just because we don't have full heaven on earth yet doesn't mean it was a failure.

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That's really ignoring the fact that Trump literally took it over and became President. And the party now has other members that are pro Trump. They are still way too few, but it's better than nothing.

A 3rd party will go absolutely nowhere and the proof of that is self evident.

Trump DID take over and become Pres.

No 3rd party has ever gotten anywhere at all.

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